How i became a makeupholic

Like mostly all Indian girls, I started with kajal/kohl. 🙂

But I have a one-sided relationship with it. I absolutely love kajal and it hates me more than anything. It completely refuses to stay on my watery eyes for more than an hour. And I, with all my patience, keep trying newer products.

I’ve probably tried various kajals from different brands till now and have liked just a few.

Ive tried- lakme, Himalaya, vlcc, lotus, hashmi, blue heaven, avon, Maybelline and more recently colorbar and l’oreal.

Out of these, the best I’ve found are hashmi kajal, l’oreal, blue heaven, Maybelline.

The blue heaven and hashmi kajal which come in tube form are like the most amazing inventions of all time. They stay put on my eyes for like forever and for a finishing touch I just apply a thin line with a pencil kajal… my favourite these days, l’oreal contour khol. And I’m ready for the day 🙂

I’ve been a kajal and lip balm/gloss girl for a long time.

Probably because of all the blog reading, I got addicted to trying out different kinds of eye pencils, lip glosses and balms.

Just a year back I started trying out eye liners and kept trying to get the perfectly lined eyes.

 Having mastered simple pencil coloured liners, I was still struggling with the basic black liquid eyeliner. At first all I could get were crooked lines with lakme insta liner. I just couldn’t manage its brush. And then came my saviour- lotus herbals opulence liquid eyeliner. It comes with a felt tip applicator and its super easy to apply. I just love it.

Now I’m beginning to try my hand at gel eyeliners, having heard so much about them.

I’m still outside the circle when it comes to eye shadows, foundation, lipsticks. But we all grow slowly, don’t we? 🙂

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