Online shopping.

Of course we all love online shopping, but not all are comfortable with online shopping.
I am kind of new to online shopping. I say kind of because since I’ve started I’m hooked to online shopping. 😛
The excitement of waiting for my order, the joy of opening the package can’t be compared to shopping in stores. And yes, I definitely buy much more than I need while shopping online.
My tryst with shopping online began with .
Being a complete bookworm, I couldn’t resist ordering books online.
My experience with Flipkart has always been more than satisfactory.
Listing the pros and cons of Flipkart for you:-


1)      Good discounts.
2)      Efficient delivery.
3)      COD option available without any extra charges.
4)      Excellent variety of products in stock.


1)      They ship your order in parts, i.e. all products separately according to products being ready for delivery.  
2)      Their cosmetics section, which has been launched recently, is not up to the mark. I ordered 2 products- colorbar kajal and Maybelline lip gloss. I received the kajal but the lip gloss order was cancelled by them as it went out of stock.
I guess, since they have just started with the cosmetics section, that’s why it’s not fully efficient yet, and I’m sure they would improve it soon. 🙂

Overall, I would recommend flipkart to everyone and I, myself would always remain their loyal customer.

Other than flipkart, ive also tried .


1)      I love love love their packaging 🙂 their black rectangular box is amazing, very sturdy.
They recently had an option of getting your order delivered in a pink coloured box(if your order is placed before 1st june) and being an ardent lover of all things pink, I immediately placed an order with them just for that pink box. I would post pictures and reviews of that order soon.
2)      Very quick delivery.
3)      Their collection is huge. They have around 60 brands of makeup products including Colorbar, Faces, Maybelline, NYX, Lakme, Revlon……
They even have clothes, accessories, footwear, bags, jewellery, fragrances, lingerie and watches.
4)      COD option available without any extra charges.
5)      Discounts available on most of the products.
6)      They gave me coupons worth INR 1000 on creating an account.

None I can think of.

I recently tried and have also made an account on I would soon review them.
I hope this post was helpful to you all.
Have a great day J

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