Small haul ;)

I’ve been literally lusting after so many beauty and makeup products since a few months, especially after following a few wonderful beauty blogs religiously. And I’ve seriously made a hugeeee wish list based on reading these blogs (I won’t go into that wishlist because it’s really too huge by now…he he)
But yeah I hauled some stuff today and I love all of them. Of course I had read lots of reviews before buying these to avoid wasting money on useless products. Being a college student, can’t spend a lot na 😛
So, this is all I bought.
I’ll write reviews on them soon, till then, enjoy the pictures 🙂

And these are the products separately

Nivea fruity shine lip balm, in pink guava.
INR 129

Its packaging is super cute 🙂 with a pink cover and stars and a high heeled shoe made on it!! 🙂

Maybelline color bloom lip balm.
INR 99

These lip balms are just great for everyday use in college, they look just like gloss.

Nivea oil regulating toner.
INR 149

I’ve never used a toner before, will definitely review this one 🙂

Maybelline ultra liner brown.
INR 225

I’d wanted a brown eyeliner since so long. It’s so surprising that I have eyeliners in so many different colours but didn’t have a basic brown one. I had shortlisted 3 eyeliners in brown.

Maybelline lasting drama swirl gel eyeliner, faces long wear eyeliner pencil in metal brown and Maybelline ultra liner. Though the ultra liner had the least priority since its liquid but I just saw it at the Maybelline counter today and when the SA swatched it on my hand it was such a gorgeous chocolate brown colour, I had to buy it. 😛

But I guess I will most probably buy the other two also, soon. Before this, I’ve only used lakme insta liner and lotus opulence liquid eyeliner, amongst liquid liners. I found the lotus one pretty easy to use but seeing this Maybelline one, lotus looks sooo expensive. Maybelline is giving 7.3 ml for INR 225 and lotus gives 4 ml for INR 195! I would probably check out the black one in this Maybelline ultra liner range after I finish my lotus one!

So, that’s it with my tinyy haul 😛 will be back soon with reviews 🙂

Good night:)

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