Wishlist for 2013 !!

I know 2013 is still more than 3 months away, but if you all remember I can not buy any eyeliners till then L*sob sob*
And so, I’ve created this eyeliner wishlist for 2013J
1)      Mac feline kohl
I’ve been lusting after this since so long !
Some background info, recently I’ve been using only liquid and gel eyeliners on my upper lid. Mainly because most of the pencil eyeliners I use, tug a lot on my lid and I find liquid and gels so easy to apply.
3)Chamber dazzle eyeliner in purple , teal
4)Mac fluidline Jmacroviolet/waveline/dark diversion(if it’s still there by then since its LE)

6)I also really want to try e.l.f cream eyelinersand Maybelline gel eyeliners in eggplant, sapphire. These aren’t available in India, so I’m waiting for some friend or relative from US to visit India soon and get me these beauties J

7)Also, Revlon colorstay gel eyeliner about which I wrote in the last post . But I’m not really lusting after these because if I can buy some other brand in these colours, I won’t buy these.
So what do you think of my wishlist? Any other good suggestions? J
Image source : 1,2 , 3 , 4,5 ,6

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Poorva says:

    Hehe ive never worn a lipstick 😛 im a college student so generally there is no occasion for lipsticks, n i like glosses a lot 🙂


  2. Poorva says:

    Hey thanks a lot for telling 🙂 ill keep in mind 🙂


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