My sunday: Maybelline Haul !!!! :)

My Maybelline Haul 🙂

1 word…. FINALLLYYYYY !!!!!!!!!!

I’ve been pestering Maybelline SAs at so many places for these 2 things… baby lips and the color tattoo eyeshadows!  And today I found them finally in this store… Rajdhani store in Green Park Main market.

And when I knew about all the offers going on the SA was quite amused that I know so much. Lol.

This is, I think my biggest makeup haul ever !! Quantity wise.

So, here goes … J

First, the baby lips lip balm J

I got Coral flush, Cherry kiss and Rose addict. Ive bought two for myself and one for a friend. I really wanted to buy Pink Lolita…but sadly it was out of stock. It was such a pretty pink shade. I’ll definitely buy it later.

They were also out of stock on the other 2 variants… the berry and the mango one !

But I wasn’t too interested in those anyway, as they are clear lip balms.

Baby lips lip balm : INR 150
And the cute free keychain… aww!!!

Now the Color Tattoo eyeshadows.

Each retails for INR 350.

Only 5 colours of the total 8 had come to this store. So I’ve swatched all of them for you J

From the top, left to right,

Audacious Asphalt, Bold Gold,

Fierce and tangy, tenacious Teal

Bad to the bronze

I bought Audacious Asphalt and Bad to the Bronze, very wearable shades J

Having seen lots of swatches earlier, I had really wanted pomegranate punk but it wasn’t available. Hopefully will buy that too soon J

And I got free eye shadow brush free with each. J

And I also bought a Dream Mousse blush in Peach Satin. I know they have been discontinued but a store had them and I bought them to try since I’ve never used a blush before. Oh yes, this is my first!

I’m coming back with reviews for all these products super soon so don’t go anywhere J

I was so happy after buying all this that my sister and I had 6 donuts from Mad Over Donuts all by ourselves. And then this cute little Danone Vanilla curd J

I had a super Sunday.

Hope you had a great Sunday  too J

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  1. hahaha my sis n i both had them so technically it was 3 each 😛 n we couldn't even look at dinner at home after that :PN till now im loving all the stuffive used 🙂 do try them .. Ill review it all soon 🙂

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