Disappointing experience with Medplusbeauty.

Disappointing experience with Medplusbeauty.
I have shopped from quite a few online shopping sites but fortunately have never had such a bad experience with any as I had with medplusbeauty.com
I had ordered 2 NYX items from them on July 16. I received my order in top condition 2-3 days later. But, one of the products, NYX brush on lip gloss was not to my liking. I didn’t even open it as the colour was too frosty even from the bottle. It was a shade which I couldn’t see myself using at all. Of course here the problem was with my decision while buying and not with the company. However, I sent them a mail (approx 22nd July) asking if it was possible that they could refund my money or something like that. Although I didn’t expect them to refund my money as it was of no fault from their part, but still they agreed to. They told me they would refund the amount minus Rs.50/- and I can use that amount to buy something else.
  I was perfectly happy with that. I returned the product at their store near Lajpat Nagar as they had told me to. After that I kept calling them week after week for the refund and they kept telling me they are working on it and I would get my money in a week blah blah blah.
Today, its 10th October, almost 3 months have passed and I have not got my refund. It’s not about the small amount of Rs. 145/- that I want back, it is about how they have hassled me with false promises. If they did not wish to refund the money, they should have told me that in the first place.
Last I called them was 2 weeks back I think. Now I am not calling them again. I do not wish to get any refund from their company, nor would I ever be making any purchase from them in the future. They have lost a good customer who was very keen on shopping a lot more since they have such a large range of products on offer.
Have a good day J

[EDIT: 21/10/12 – update on the situation posted here ]

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