NOTW: Sunset in a bottle.

I’ve been looking for a perfect orange nail polish since quite some time. I am eyeing Faces Persimmon or Bourjois Tangerine Fatal, both are gorgeous colours and I know I’ll end up buying both, I had bought three similar mint nail paints in the mint craze.
Meanwhile, I found this old Elle 18 no.50 nail paint in my makeup stash. It was quite dried out. After diluting it with some makeup remover and leaving it for some time, it was a bit ready to use or so I thought.
It had kind of differentiated itself into layers of shades of orange and looked just like a sunset and hence the title. Sadly, I could not quite capture how pretty it was looking in the bottle as I mixed it for using it. I thought it will again settle down to the sunset after being still for some time but it didn’t L
I applied it on my nails with a lot of difficulty and the final result was not at all nice, but anyway here it is.
Do you all have any suggestions for a good bright orange nail paint ?

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