My new wallet :)

Staying at home and not going to college for studying has to take its toll right? I’m already fed up of studying and I have another serious month to go. Sigh. But then UrbanTouch is always there J and so is shopping for accessories J
I love love love wallets, clutches, bags, purses … you get the drift ! J
And so I bought a new wallet… J

I have quite a few wallets but the one I’m using currently is pure adorable J
This green Baggit wallet with the cute bow on top, now quite old was bought over a year back for under 500 bucks and I love it J
But UrbanTouch has such a cute collection of wallets and so I bought this one; I actually have 5-6 of them on my wishlist.
These are some of the others I have on my wishlist.
These two are right on the top of my wishlist – these purpleand orangewallets with the bows are too cute and also quite similar to my old green one. I have a feeling I am going to buy one of these real soon. 😛
This bright pinkone too is quite pretty.
Somehow all of them are from Baggit, yes I do like the brand a lot J
This one that I’ve bought is from The Pari. I had never used this type of a metallic case wallet, plus the humble 499 price tag, made me buy thiswithout thinking much over it J
It’s more like a clutch actually.
It is soft leather-ish material from outside. Don’t know why it’s looking more green in the pictures, but it’s actually a very pretty blue J
What wallet are you using currently? J


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