REVIEW: Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm – Coral Flush, Rose Addict

According to Maybelline’s website,

No more basic lip balm

    • Visibly renewed lips and 8-hr hydration
  • The secret: Exclusive lip renew formula with SPF 20


  • Protects and moisturizes lips for a full 8 hours


  • After 4 weeks, lips are visibly renewed and reborn


  • 7 varieties



Expert Tip

Apply your lip balm by starting in the center of your upper lip. Work from the center to the outer edges of your lip, following the contours of your mouth. Then glide across the entire bottom lip.

Price: INR 150 for tinted lip balms – coral flush, rose addict, cherry kiss, pink Lolita, berry crush.
INR 125 for clear lip balms – Mango pie, Anti-oxidant Berry.
Available at all Maybelline counters.  
My experience:
Firstly, I absolutely loved this ad by Maybelline that they had put up on their facebook page… too cute no ? 🙂
I had seen Maybelline Baby Lips in so many foreign beauty blogs that I was toooooooo eagerly waiting for them. I was sure I am going to ask anyone I know coming from the US to get them from me.
And when I heard they are finally being launched in india, this is what I had in mind-
image taken from Google.
And yes I wanted them solely for their packaging. Aren’t they adorably cute ?
But alas, maybelline did not want to see me so happy. And so it changed the thing I liked the most about them – the packaging.
Another thing I had loved from the reviews on foreign blogs was the variant in “pink punch”. It looked so pretty. J
But Maybelline wouldn’t of course give us the same flavours now, would it? L
But I still have my hopes pinned to “Pink Lolita ”. It was out of stock from where I bought these. It’s a baby pink coloured one and I am hoping it’s just like the one I want J
Now, coming to the review.
First, the packaging is definitely cute. My bias remains though and it doesn’t let me give full points to it. Nevertheless, these are CUTE. J
I bought the flavours – coral flush and rose addict.
The cute free keychain I got with these…
I have been using Coral Flush and my sister Rose Addict. I gifted Cherry Kiss to my friend, that’s why you see three of them in the first picture (and she’s loving Cherry Kiss btw ).
They glide very easily on the lips. I do not feel anything on wearing them. They are not at all waxy.
Coral flush is an orange-ish tinted lip balm. I had bought this in the hope that it would have a good orange tint because I’ve never used an orange-ish lip product. But the pigmentation is sadly not that good. It gives a very faint tint.
Rose addict has got I think the lightest tint of all the tinted balms in this range. But its quite pretty, I really don’t know why but I like this one J
Both the balms have a very mild fruity-ish fragrance. Somehow, I find the fragrance very similar to the earlier lip balms by Maybelline- the lip smooth lip balm. However, I have a terrible cold right now and I would not say my nose is reliable enough right now to distinguish.
But the scents are definitely not overwhelming (in fact, they were too mild to me even when I bought them).
They do not have any taste.
It also cointains spf20 , which is an added bonus.
Coming to their moisturizing properties, I would say they definitely do heal chapped lips to an extent. My lips are never really chapped except in peak winters *touch wood*. But my sister’s lips are almost always chapped. Lol, this sounds funny.
Although my sister and I haven’t been using it for 4 weeks, as directed by Maybelline, but I feel they are already quite hydrating and do help in healing chapped lips. But they haven’t repaired my sister’s lips fully. I would update you on when she has been using them for more than 4 weeks.
They do not stay on the lips for too long.  
So, overall I feel these are great lip balms, but not the best in the market.
These are fun to keep applying and you can definitely buy 1-2. I would definitely buy Pink Lolita as soon as I find it J
Why you’ll like it:
1)     Very moisturizing.
2)     Nice fruity scent.
3)     Affordable price.
4)     Lovely packaging.
5)     Lots of variants to choose from.
6)     Contains SPF 20.
Why you’ll dislike it:
1)     The fragrance is very very mild. Of course, that’s my personal choice that I prefer more noticeable scents.
2)     Colour payoff is not toooooo good.
To buy or not to buy?
Buy. Very good lip balms at an affordable price. Must try once.
My rating:

22 thoughts on “REVIEW: Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm – Coral Flush, Rose Addict

  1. hii poorva this is zainab…i want to noe that i like peach color lipstick…i think that this coral flush lip balm will also give orangish peach color …am i right..?? actually i dont want to apply lipstick evry time..instead of it i wud like to prefer lip can u plzz suggest me..that coral gives peach shade or me out dear..!!

    1. Hi Zainab 🙂
      i would suggest u to try this lip balm-
      it gives a nice tint which is much more long staying than a normal lip balm!
      or i would suggest you revlon’s balm stain – its very long staying n it dsnt feel like a lipstick but gives a nice shade on lips 🙂 u can also mail me if u have more queries Zainab , my id is there in the contact me section on top 🙂 hope i helped:)

  2. Hey awesome review! Baby lips has this facebook ‘KISS’ campaign going on which actually made me think that I should at least now buy this product. Even though its Summer in India, my lips always feel dry. I checked the website but I still can’t figure out which shades would be the best. I like color so maybe something that shows on my lips. Any suggestions?

    1. Hey Sharal 🙂 thank you 🙂
      i think all of these lip balms have a very mild tint which dont give a lot of colour on lips but Pink Lolita flavour is quite pigmented, it gives a nice pink tint to lips, also Coral which i;ve shown here! hope i could help you 🙂

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