Blog award by Niesha :)

I’ve received my second blog award and this time by the lovely Niesha of IndianBeautyForever.
She has awarded me with the Sunshine award and the Liebster award.


Thank you very very very much Niesha. You’re a sweetheart 🙂 🙂
And I pass on this award to …
Samyukta of Isimplylovemakeup
Apoorva of idivabeautyblog
Bhaswati of MixedRambles
Tanuja of ASeptemberGirl
Avantika of GlitterArty
Iswarya of IAmGirly
Jennifer of IndianBeautyCaffe
If I’ve left out any of my fellow bloggers, please tag yourself guys J

12 Comments Add yours

  1. Poorva says:

    aww Tanuja.. you know how much i love ur blog ❤


  2. Poorva says:

    thanks Avantika and ur blog is worth it 🙂


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