REVIEW, NOTD: Revlon Scented Nail Paint – Gum Drop.

These are new launches by Revlon in the Indian market.
I bought 4 of these Revlon Scented nail paints last week.
I had Gum drop on my nails this week.
According to Revlon’s website,
Get carried away by the succulent scents with Revlon’s NEW Scented Nail enamel collection, a gorgeous colour collection of luscious nail enamels infused with your favourite aromas to tickle your senses, right from the tips of your nails.
Price: INR 150/-
Available at all Revlon outlets.
My experience:
These nail paints have the same packaging as the old Revlon Nail paints. The packaging may be termed as boring but I quite like the packaging.
The consistency of these nail paints is something I absolutely hate though.
It’s extremely runny, so much so that when wet, immediately after application they even drip by the sides of the nails. I have never used any nail paint this runny.
Being so runny, it is also quite streaky on application. Another con.
Also, it took ages to dry. Yes. L
But it didn’t chip for more 3 days, which is quite good I feel.
This shade, Gum Drop, is quite sheer but that I think depends from shade to shade.
With Gum Drop, minimum 2 coats are required.
Otherwise, it’s a beautiful pale milky lavender. I love the colour. J
And coming to the scent now, which is the main attraction with these.
Yes it smells really nice when dry J
This one, Gum Drop, has a sweet toffee/candy-ish scent, which I liked.
And the scent lasted for about 1-2 days only with me; I feel this might be because I wash my hands like 20 times a day. So, maybe.
Overall, these aren’t great nail paints. But an interesting concept and they actually do smell nice.
Why you’ll like it:
1)     Nice sweet scent.
2)     The scent does stay for 1-2 days and doesn’t go away after a few hours or something.
3)     Doesn’t chip too easily.
4)     Great range of colours available.
5)     Good packaging.
6)     Affordable price.
Why you’ll dislike it:
1)     The consistency is too runny.
2)     It is streaky on application.
3)     It doesn’t dry quickly.
4)     The scent doesn’t linger for too long.
To buy or not to buy?
Buy, if you find a good colour or an interesting scent.
My rating:
[EDIT- these nail paints stained my nails like crazy 🙁 I change my rating to .. maybe 3/10 ]

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