REVIEW,INFO: The Body Shop Foundation Dragonfruit Lip Butter.

I recently bought The Body Shop Foundation DragonFruit Lip Butter. When I bought this I wasn’t completely aware of what exactly is TBS Foundation and what it does. The SA there told me that the profit from the sale of this product will be going to a charity of our choice. Well, that made me happy J

However, no one asked me to choose a charity L hmm.. its okay I guess, the profits would still go to a charity right!

After coming home, I read about it on the TBS website and decided to share this with you J


100% off the profits will be divided between four selected charities. For every purchase you make in-store, you’ll get one token, which you can use to vote for the charity you’d like to support. 75% off the profits will be split across 3 charities. Your vote really counts as the charity that receives the most votes will receive the highest percentage of donation. The remaining 25% will go to The Body Shop Foundation.

*You will not be able to vote online. Profit from purchases of Dragon Fruit Lip Butter will be evenly shared across the 3 national charities.


About The Body Shop Foundation:-

 The Body Shop Foundation, a charitable trust of The Body Shop, has been helping grass roots charities since 1989. They have funded over 2,500 projects around the world, donating just over £19 million so far. This past year we have funded 3 projects in India – TAABAR in Jaipur, Bhoomika Vihar and Amgachia Aashray in the North and South 24 Parganas of West Bengal. Now, we have more for you this year. It’s time to raise your voice and contribute to a campaign which is truly ‘Beauty with Heart’.

This time, you have the opportunity to decide from the below mentioned charities, who receives the proceeds from the sale of YOUR Lip Butter through a unique voting mechanic:
TAABAR (Jaipur): Works for the cause of child Care
PETA (Mumbai): Works for the cause of Animal Welfare
Goonj (Delhi): Works for the cause of Environmental Protection

You get soft, super kissable lips AND get to choose which charity you want to help out. Now that’s Beauty With Heart.

Coming to the product I bought ….
Price:  INR 255 for 8.9g/10ml
Available at all TBS outlets.
My experience:
I was at the TBS store in Select Citywalk to buy a shampoo and when I smelt this at the billing counter, I felt addicted to this small little thing. And I can’t even describe the smell, its peachish, a little citrusy too, was that a hint of mango… oohh it’s heavenly.

I just knew I had to buy this.   

The flavor is actually Dragonfruit, but I have no idea what that is. 😛 and whatever it is, it is amazing. Since the time I’ve bought it, I feel this urge to keep sniffing at it.
And the fragrance also stays on the lips for quite some time J
It even tastes good 😛 Yes, I licked a bit from my lips, it was just too tempting.
I have a feeling I am actually going to finish a lip balm for once J
But I would suggest you to smell this at the store before buying, since it’s a strong smell, some may not like it.
It comes in a plastic pink tub with a green plastic cap, quite a cute and sturdy packaging. It’s light and can be slipped in your bag or pocket easily.
Being in a tub, which isn’t the most hygienic packaging some may not like it. But I am making an exception for this one 😀
Coming to its texture, it is buttery soft, almost like a cream.
Seeing from the swatch, maybe it looks too opaque and something which can leave a cast on the lips, but it’s nothing like that. It gets absorbed into the lips quickly and leaves the lips looking smooth.
If used overnight, it really makes lips very soft and supple J it’s very moisturizing.
I personally, do not like the TBS born lippy lip balms too much and did not expect much from this but I have been very pleasantly surprised.
This is a product for which I feel I would be purchasing a backup too, which I’ve never really done for any product J  it has already become my HG lip balm after a few uses.
Overall, it’s the perfect lip balm!!  And very well worth the price.
Why you’ll like it:
1)     The fragrance is to die for.
2)     Moisturizes lips very well.
3)     Good packaging.
4)     Tastes good.
Why you’ll dislike it:
1)     Tub packaging isn’t liked by all.
2)     Price on the expensive side.
To buy or not to buy?
Do you need the answer ? 😛
Yes, go and buy it right now.!!!!
My rating:
A big thumbs up and an overly happy smiley for this J

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