REVIEW: The Body Shop Strawberry shower gel.

The Body Shop strawberry shower gel.

According to The Body Shop’s website,
This soap-free shower gel contains real strawberry seed oil. It has a deliciously sweet scent.
  • Lather-rich
  • Sweet strawberry scent
Price:  I received a sample size in my September Vellvette box. You can see that here.
Full size of this retails at INR 340 for 250ml.
Available at all TBS outlets. Also available at a few online stores like Vellvette, Violetbag…
My experience:
3 words … I loved it J

Ok here’s a proper review…

Firstly the packaging is very sturdy like all TBS products. Also, very cuteJ
The shower gel is a light reddish-pinkish coloured liquid. It’s not too runny. Its consistency is that of a gel.
It smells amazing J of strawberries (Duh!), the smell maybe a little synthetic for some, but I really like it.
It lathers quite well, on a loofah as well as without it. And the amount you need for lathering well isn’t much, so the quantity you get in 1 bottle (250ml) is quite good and worth the price, I feel.
Like most shower gels, it does take a leeettllle bit extra rinsing to get rid of the slippery feeling. But it leaves me with a very clean feeling.
Also, another good thing is that it doesn’t at all make my skin feel dry after using this, like some products do.
Overall, it’s a very fun shower gel, which will make you feel good with its scent alongwith efficiently doing what it claimsJ
Why you’ll like it:
1)     Heavenly fragrance.
2)     An excellent pick me up on lazy mornings.
3)     Leaves you with a clean and fresh feeling.
4)     Sturdy and good packaging.
5)     Soap free.
6)     Doesn’t make skin dry.
7)     TBS makes cruelty free products.
Why you’ll dislike it:
1)     The scent doesn’t linger for too long.
2)     Can give a slippery feeling and more rinsing is required to take it all off.  
3)     Slightly on the expensive side. But still one of the cheaper products of TBS.
To buy or not to buy?
You will be surer of my vote for this when you see this-
Yes, I bought the full sized bottle of this, using my Vellvette discount coupon. J
Highly recommended by me J
My rating:

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