My request to Maybelline!

Maybelline is my favourite makeup brand in the world. I’ve never had any bad experience with any of their products till now.

All their products are at such reasonable prices and the quality is never ever compromised, it’s truly the best brandJ
But I have a big big complaint. Maybelline discriminates against us big time! L
There are so many awesome products launched in the US and other places but not in India, why MNY? Why L
I was really happy to see the color tattoos and baby lips being launched here in India finally. And more recently, the falsies mascara. But there are still a lot more good products out there.

This is my list of products which I want Maybelline to launch in India, please Maybelline, launch them here soooooonnn!!!


1)     Maybelline lasting drama gel eyeliner in eggplant, sapphire, forest.
Sapphire and forest were LE shades, I guess, since they’re not there on the website L I saw them first at Radhika’s blog, hereand here.They’re such beautiful colours. *sigh*
2)     Maybelline bouncy blush. Oh God! These are such cute little things. I feel I’ll buy all of the shades when they’re launched.
3)     Maybelline Eyestudio marbleized eye shadows. All of us drool at the awesome marbleized eyeshadows from high end brands, but not everyone can afford them right? And getting a good quality marbleized eyeshadow from an affordable drugstore brand. Dream! Just look at the color variations available in these….. I’m drooling already!
4)     Super stay 10hr stain gloss… this just looks like a super interesting product to me and would love to try it J
Besides these, the Maybelline US website is full of awesome products, whereas Indian siteis so small L
Seeing that the earlier launches (color tattoo, baby lips, falsies..) have all been priced very well, I’m hoping these products too WHENEVER LAUNCHED are priced close to their prices in the US i.e. under $10, approx INR 500-550.
Come on Maybelline, launch all of these here soon, we makeup lovers are waiting to pounce on these !
Which products would you love to try ?

18 thoughts on “My request to Maybelline!

  1. Hi,
    Great Job Poorva,
    There are soo many drool worthy products which companies like maybelline , revlon and Loreal release in other countries and i dont know why they dont release them in India. Not only products there are numerous shade range too.
    I hope the start taking Indian market seriously.

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