REVIEW: The Body Shop Body Butter Duo- Vanilla

The Body Shop Body Butter Duo- Vanilla

According to The Body Shop’s website,
This twin pot contains two types of moisture: a light cream for where skin needs less hydration and a rich cream for drier areas like elbows and knees. It has a delicious, indulgent scent.
  • Leaves skin feeling soft all over
  • Delicious, indulgent scent


Price: Rs.880/-  for 200ml. I got it at 25% discount for Rs.660/-


Available at all TBS outlets.

Read on to know my experience…

My experience:

This is my first body butter. Yes you read it right!
I always wanted to try these body butters from TBS but my skin is not toooo dry and most of the times lotions are enough for my body. But I decided that I should atleast try one body butter and see if my skin needs it and that’s why got this duo as only half of it is butter and the other half is lotion-like.

Firstly the fragrance is amazing  J it is a bit artificial vanilla-ish I feel. And a bit too sweet.  But I love it. But it’s quite strong so I would advise you to smell it before buying it. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea I feel.
The fragrance lingers around me almost 6-7 hours. I love this fact J

In the above image, the left is the butter part and the right is the lotion part.

The consistency of the butter/thicker part is really really thick. The name butter is very apt. I think no one can NOT love this butter after feeling how it glides on the skin. It is meant for the rougher areas of the body like the knees and the elbows but I use it all over depending on my mood. 😛
The lotion/thinner part is a bit thicker than a regular lotion. And lighter than the butter as it’s meant to be.
Both of them are of creamish colour, off-white-ish, bordering on light brown.
As I mentioned above, I was apprehensive about using a body butter that it might become greasy. But well, what can I say, my skin has been literally drinking this up 😛
I slather it after my bath over slightly damp skin. The butter needs some rubbing in as it’s very thick. It takes a minute to get absorbed. And after that I don’t feel any greasiness or anything.

Since the time I’ve been using this, my skin feels so softI can not explain to you. My skin has never felt better.
I truly feel that once you start using TBS butters, there is no going back. At least for me. J I seriously feel like touching myself all the time 😛
One con can be that the lotion part being thin, you kindof need more of it than the butter part. So you might end up finishing the lotion part sooner.
It is expensive definitely. But I feel it is absolutely worth it. Not just the quality but even the quantity is a lot. The tub contains a lottt of product!! And if you can get this in the sale, nothing better than that. I think even right now 25% sale is going on the body butters.

Overall, it’s a great body moisturizer for normal to dry skin. With great strong fragrance that lingers on your skin J
Why you’ll like it:
1)     It smells heavenly.
2)     The quantity is enough to last 1 or maybe 2 winters.
3)     Both the parts are very very very moisturizing.
4)     The skin feels amazingly soft on continuous use. J
Why you’ll dislike it:
1)     It is expensive but for the quantity and quality I feel the price is justified.
2)     The fragrance is quite strong and everyone might not like it.
3)     The lotion/lighter part of the duo would get used up sooner than the butter/thicker part.
4)     Tub packaging is not so hygienic.
To buy or not to buy?
Buying atleast one body butter is a must, I feel, if your skin needs hydration. But do smell this particular fragrance at the store before buying.
I will definitely buy TBS body butters all my life. J
My rating:

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