REVIEW: The Body Shop cocoa butter lip care stick.

According to The Body Shop’s website,
This balm in a stick contains real cocoa butter. It leaves lips moisturised and kissably soft.
  • Creamy butter-like texture
  • Leaves lips soft


Price: INR255


Available at all TBS outlets.
My experience:


You must be thinking, there she comes with another TBS review. Well 😛
I’m addicted to TBS at the moment and there will be some more stuff I’ll review soon J

This lip balm is another one of those lip balms that are lying in a basket next to the billing counter. And as usual I was sniffing at all the testers when I fell in love with the chocolatey scent of this one. I don’t know how I had never noticed this before. I generally just sniff at the tub lip balms. But when I sniffed at this, I just had to have this. I know I know I say that for most of the good smelling stuff 😛
But this one smells oh-so-delicious. J its like warm chocolate and hot mug of cocoa … it’s so perfect for cozy winters J
I wasn’t aware of its quality before buying this. It was bought totally on whim and just for the fragrance.
But I am very pleasantly surprised by this.
It is very very moisturizing. I use it almost the whole day, and it keeps my lips really soft. Though its staying power too is very good so reapplication is not needed a lot.
When I apply it at night, I can still feel some of it in the morning.
It is a little waxy in texture but nothing too bothersome. It glides on the lipsvery smoothly.

Since it comes in a stick form, it is very easy to apply. No messy fingers from the tub 😛 the stick is also very slim and easy to carry around. The packaging is very simple, no fancy designs.
It has no taste.

It’s a completely clear balm. That’s why no pint in showing any swatch.
It gives no sheen or gloss of any sort when applied on lips. It makes my lips look really healthy. Yes that’s exactly the word I get in my mind when I look in the mirror after applying this. My lips look healthy, supple, nourished(well-fed 😛 ) and soft. J
This is fast becoming my HG too. 😛
I think I’ll keep this as my winter HG lip balm and the TBS dragonfruit one, I reviewed earlier my summer HG because of its summery fruity fragrance. Hehe…
Overall, it’s an excellent lip balm which does its job amazingly well. Alongwith having a delicious fragrance.
Why you’ll like it:
1)     The fragrance is pure chocolate.
2)     It is very moisturizing. Keeps lips very soft.
3)     Good staying power.
4)     Smooth texture, very easy to apply.
5)     Very convenient packaging.
Why you’ll dislike it:
1)     A bit expensive for a lip balm.
2)     Slightly waxy.
To buy or not to buy?
Definitely buy. J if you love chocolate, you’ll love thisJ
My rating:

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