My new makeup organizer.

 Hello everyone J
I got this new organizer thing for my makeup stuff today. It’s basically a stationery organizer and I bought it from a normal stationery shop in Hauz Khas market.

Before this, my makeup was mostly in boxes. Like the eyeliner pencils and gels were all in these UrbanTouch boxes. And the rest- lip balms, glosses, compact lay open in my drawer. Now I’ve organized it in this organizer. It’s not too big and it doesn’t fit all my things but I really like it J I would be on the lookout for something bigger in the same style. J
I would have preferred something square or rectangle so it can fit my compacts too but this is the only one they had!
I bought this for 120bucks. Yayyy J
Have a look –
Right now, my makeup collection is so small (yes it is, don’t you dare disagree!!), but when it’s bigger, I’ll probably like to store only the stuff I need daily in this cute organizer.
The centre compartment has my liquid eyeliners, gel eyeliner brushes and mascaras.
My pencil eyeliners –
My tiny collection L
My lip balms –
These are not all. The lip butters didn’t fit in here.
The lip glosses –
I just have a few more, which are mostly expired or which I don’t use at all.
And here are my most prized possessions –
My gel eyeliners. JJ
I own only 5 at the moment. But one day, I will have them in every possible colour. That’s my dream. Lol! No, seriously I love love love gel eyeliners. They are truly my most prized possessions J
In the pic above, you can see only three of them. The two Maybelline ones are below these. I hope you get what I mean to say.

This isn’t all of my makeup. I own a few eyeshadows, lip balms, lip glosses,compact,blush besides these. I don’t own any lipsticks and I’ve never worn any except maybe when I was small in some school functions.
So, how do you store your makeup ? J
[EDIT 8/12/12- you might want to look at some nice organizers on flipkart .. check this ..]

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