My favourite healthy dinner recipe :)

Hello everyone J
For some background information, I love cooking but I am too lazy 😛 so, I do not know many things but whatever I do know I cook quite well. 😛 hehe… modest me 😛
This salad is one of the earliest things I made, though it doesn’t really require any cooking( it’s a salad, du-uh!).
Its basically a macaroni salad with curd dressing.
I love making it for dinner. Its healthy, very easy to make and tastes yumm J
I must add that its also quite filling.
I am sharing the recipe with you all so do try it guysJ

Things you need-
1)     Boiled macaroni/ pasta of any shape you like.
2)     Diced cucumber.
3)     Diced capsicum.
4)     Diced tomato.
5)     Any other veggies you like- I included corn too.
6)     Boiled rajma / kidney beans.
7)     You can also add boiled chane, I don’t like them.
8)     Curd.
9)     Salt, chilli, oregano.
11)Oil. Preferably olive oil.
How to make,
You must have figured by now, just mix them all. 😛
But first prepare hung curd. For that, I keep the curd in a muslin sieve(channi) or whatever its called. I hope you get what I mean. And keep it over a bowl which will receive the drained water from it. Keep this in the refrigerator for 4-5 hours.
And now mix all of it J
And enjoy this healthy salad J

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