QUICK REVIEW: Vaseline Total Moisture 24hr nourishing lotion.

Vaseline Total Moisture 24hr body lotion


This is a quick review as I haven’t used this for a very long time. In fact, I just have the 20ml tinyyy bottle. 😛

I saw this lying on the shelf of a general store. It retails for just 10 bucks. 😛



I had used the cocoa glow one by Vaseline last year and loved it to the coreeee. I don’t have it with me now so can’t review it, if I buy another one I’ll definitely review it for you all but that one has an amazing cocoa fragrance.

This one has a very very nice fresh lotion-ish fragrance. I love the fragrance. It’s very mild and not at all the in your face kindof fragrance, which get too overwhelming for some people. I feel no one can dislike its fragrance. It’s too neutral. The fragrance lingers for very less time.

It does its job of moisturizing amazingly well. I love it for that. It has a thick consistency, a little thicker than a normal lotion. But it sinks in the skin very well and doesn’t leave the skin greasy at all.


Skin feels very soft and nourished after this.

Also, I don’t feel the need to re-apply the whole day. It’s true to its claims of 24hr moisture.

I would definitely purchase its bigger bottle and would highly recommend you to buy it if you need hydration and a decently priced and an excellent quality moisturizer.

I think the 100ml of this costs around Rs.70/-. I’ll check the prices and update.

2 thoughts on “QUICK REVIEW: Vaseline Total Moisture 24hr nourishing lotion.

  1. I bought this last week too and I loveit! The size is so cute and tiny and the scent is so warm for the cold winter! <3
    It works great as a hand cream too 🙂

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