REVIEW: Aaranya green tea exfoliating body wash.

Aaranya green tea exfoliating body wash.




Price: INR 175/- for 250 ml

Available at I bought it from It may also be available at your nearby general store.

My experience:

I love trying new body washes 🙂 I get bored with one very soon, however good it may be. And so I keep looking at the bath section of the online shopping sites.

This body wash, was suggested by my cousin. I saw it in her bathroom’s shelf and it seemed good. She had bought it from healthkart too.  It is also available in blackcurrant flavor. I want to try that next.

Firstly, I feel this isn’t a very reasonably-priced body wash. At the moment there are so many amazing body washes in the market, from brands like Dove, Olay which are priced in the same bracket. So, I felt that this should have very good quality if coming from a not-so-known brand, it is priced like this.


Talking about the packaging, it’s a good sturdy plastic bottle with a press-down type cap. The opening allows good amount of product to come out, which is just right – not too much or not too less.


The fragrance is really nice. I can’t seem to understand what really does it smell of. It doesn’t really seem like green tea. But it has a very refreshing smell. Its also a very unique smell and I really love it 🙂 But sadly the fragrance doesn’t linger for too long. It just vanishes once I’m out of the bath. 🙁 I wish it did !

It lathers quite well on a loofah and feels very soft to use.

The texture too is perfect for a body wash. It’s a very light green coloured gel-like liquid, it’s almost white, with very tiny granules for exfoliating. I can feel the granules but they are not at all harsh. Since this is the first exfoliating body wash I’ve used, I can’t really compare this to any other. But this leaves my skin feeling clean, fresh and soft. 🙂


Before this, I had never seen this brand in stores, but I recently spotted it in a general store, so I’m guessing it must be available at some places. I also bought a hair oil by this brand from the general store and I’m using it currently! It’s quite nice 🙂 Will review it soon !

Overall, I think it is a good quality body wash which does its job well and smells good. But it is not something too special.

Why you’ll like it:

1)     Smells amazing.

2)     Cleans well.

3)     Leaves skin clean and soft.

4)     Good packaging.

5)     Lathers well.

Why you’ll dislike it:

1)     Not so reasonably priced.

2)     Availability.

To buy or not to buy?

Buy, if you’re looking for a good everyday body wash, with a unique fragrance. 🙂

My rating:


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    1. even i hadnt heard of it before ! they have quite a good range of products on healthkart! i want to try somthing more from them 🙂

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