I got oxblood boots! :)

Hello everyone!

I am sure you’ve all understood what I’m writing about from the title. I was in Sarojini Nagar market today, and saw Sale written outside Stelatoes and decided to check it out. Well, nothing from the sale was good enough but these boots from the fresh section caught my eye. And I don’t even have any ankle length boots like this, I have two other boots which are both calf length.

They cost Rs. 900/-, quite reasonable I think. 🙂 I am loving them!




11 thoughts on “I got oxblood boots! :)

    1. haha 😀 come come ! and really, stellatoes has some awesome deals.. last yr winters were almost over, i bought two boots when they had their clearance sale and i got them both for around 400-500each! n even the quality is pretty good 🙂

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