Medplusbeauty discount coupons.

Hello everyone, how’s the new year going so far?

Mine is okayish- have been studying! Will be finally free on 4th 🙂 yippee!!

As you all know, I just made some new year resolutions, and one of them was to spend less! Well, medplusbeauty sure didn’t want me to! 🙁

They have just started some discounts for the new year on their site! I’m sharing the discount coupons with you all. Enjoyyy 🙂

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  • Terms & Conditions:
    • Discount applies above existing offer prices.
    • All coupon codes valid on a minimum purchase of Rs 1000 or above.
    • Offers expire midnight 14th January 2013.
    • The Givenchy offer valid on entire Givenchy makeup range (excluding fragrances).

I just placed my Revlon order, will share what I bought when I get it! I think the Revlon lip butters which are already priced at 540 bucks on medplusbeauty, will be a steal at 30% off! I will definitely order some NYX products too soon.

6 thoughts on “Medplusbeauty discount coupons.

  1. he he.. Med plus even does not want me to shop less.:)
    Online shopping is a gift in winters especially in winters in Delhi.. when you dont feel like going anywhere.
    My mom keep on giving me updates about the temperature everyday had how records have been broken for the lowest… Goshhh i am freezing!!

    1. i knowww!! its freezing !! it was 4degrees yday n todal also i think ! 😐
      n yes online shopping is so much fun these days, even more with all the discounts 🙂

  2. I recieved their mail too a while back 😀 I have been adding and removing things from my cart cuz the amnt became more than i have ryt now 😛 So, happy shopping to both of us 😉

    1. Ordered revlon wala stuff. Now keep getting back to nyx :((( i am soo broke already but … agh! What a great time to give discount 🙁 i wish they gave 30% discount on nyx too …

    2. aww 🙁 even ive been nagging my mom to let me order some nyx too! n yaa 30% on nyx wud have been awesomee!

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