REVIEW: Soap and Glory Hand Food Hand Cream.


Soap and Glory Hand Food Hand Cream.

According to Soap and Glory’s website:

Contains shea butter, macadamia oil and marshmallow. Scented with our Original Pink fragrance, the most astonishing hand cream ever? You decide!


Apply as often as you want to soften, smooth and soothe dry, chapped or otherwise hampered hands.



Price: INR 390/- for 50ml.

Available at Sephora.

My experience:


I have a self-diagnosed OCD(obsessive compulsive disorder). I NEED to wash my hands, like, 20 times a day. I don’t know why, but really I am very weird that way.

And because of this my hands get dry and rough. But mostly I just take a tiny amount of my usual moisturizer and rub it on my hands. I have never used a specific hand cream. But I had heard a lot of good things about S&G’s Hand Food and so, I had to get it to see for myself to see what the hype is all about.

Individually, it costs Rs. 390/- for 50 ml. I got it as a part of a kit, which I’ve shown here.  This tube is also of 50ml.

I feel the tube is of a very convenient size. It’s so easy to slip this in any handbag. The packaging is very cute. It’s a really cute pink tube.


The tube itself is a simple tube, nothing fancy. It’s easy to take out the cream in any amount as I like.


The fragrance is Soap and Glory’s Original Pink fragrance. The 5 products of the kit I bought are all of the same fragrance line. The fragrance is absolutely heavenly. It has notes of vanilla, strawberries, almonds, peaches. It is very girly. It’s a bit difficult to describe the exact fragrance.

I don’t find the fragrance overwhelming at all. But maybe if someone has a very sensitive nose, they might not like it. But the fragrance doesn’t linger for too long. And that’s a good thing, as otherwise it can be bothersome while eating.

A very small amount of the cream is needed for both the hands.


It gets rubbed in very very easily. And the best best best part – there is no greasiness even after 1 second of application. I absolutely hate creams which make me even 1%greasy, as I’ve mentioned before also. And when this cream cleared my grease test, I fell in love with it right there. After the initial happiness of the non-greasy texture, I realized how soft it had made my hands. Really! My hands feel so soft with this cream. I know for sure that I am going to purchase this all my life. I feel that if required, it won’t be bad in summers either, when my hands get kindof sweaty and irritating.

Though, Rs.390/- for a 50ml tube might seem too much at first, but after using this I am absolutely sure, no one would regret buying this. Not only because it’s wonderfully moisturizing but also practically, since you need such a small amount each time, this won’t get over for quite some time. I am very happy with this cream and I find my money has been totally well spent.

Overall, it’s an absolutely great hand cream, which does exactly what it claims. It gives so much moisture without being heavy. The fragrance is an added bonus, which keeps my hands smelling good all the time. It is definitely the most astonishing hand cream ever. 

Why you’ll like it:

1)     Very moisturizing.

2)     Makes hands soft.

3)     Not at all greasy or heavy.

4)     A very small amount is needed for every use.

5)     Gets absorbed very quickly.

6)     Smells amazing.

Why you’ll dislike it:

1)     Available only at Sephora.

2)     A little expensive, but I have explained above how the price is worth the product.

To buy or not to buy?

Definitely buy.

My rating:

9/10. – only because of the availability factor.

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