REVIEW: The Body Shop Vitamin E Skin Care Starter Kit.


The Body Shop Vitamin E skin care starter kit contains the following products –

Vitamin E cream cleanser.

Vitamin E hydrating toner.

Vitamin E moisture cream.

Vitamin E night cream.



Price: INR 1595/-

Available at all TBS outlets.

My experience:



My skin generally is combination type. Oily only on the T-zone and normal otherwise. But in winters my cheeks and the area around the mouth mostly get really dry. It has been terribly cold this time here in Delhi. Plus, my usual Fabindia vitamin E skin hydrating cream and TBS tea tree toner combo were giving me no hydration at all in this dry weather. So I decided to try out something more nourishing for the skin and I bought this kit. I’ve been using it for over a month now and I feel I can give a fair review.

Firstly, the mesh kit is of very good quality. I will be definitely using it for storing other stuff after this. 🙂 I love the kit and it’s PINK 🙂


Talking firstly about the Cream cleanser – at first this was kindof the most useless product for me out of the kit. I had never used a cream cleanser as such before this. I had used the Lakme cleansing milk a few times but for makeup removal, I prefer oil based removers. This cleanser I didn’t want to waste by only using it to remove makeup.

DSC00328So I googled up reviews for this, and found out people use this as a normal cleanser too, like a face wash. So I tried that. At first it was kindof strange as this doesn’t lather, but after 1-2 uses I started loving it. I just spread it on my palms and use it as you would a normal face wash. And then I rinse it off. I still don’t know if it’s the right way, but I like it. After washing it off, there is no stretchy feeling. It makes my skin feel really soft. It definitely cleans my face of all the dirt.

But it’s still not a product I would repurchase, as there are many other cleansers/face washes which do the same job without being so expensive.


One con is that the quantity in the travel kit is quite small. And since this cleanser is very thick, I will end up finishing this tiny bottle very quickly.


Also, the opening is very small so it’s very tough to take out the thick cream.


Next, I use the Vitamin E toner on my damp skin after washing it. Its consistency is unlike any other toner. It is quite thick and it’s almost like oil. I generally use toners by soaking some in a cotton ball. But I always feel that by this way most of the product goes waste as it’s absorbed by the cotton itself. But still, I use the water-like toners with cotton only. But this toner is so thick, to soak a cotton ball in this I would probably have to use 1/4th of this tiny bottle. So I just rub it between my palms and put it on my face. I allow it to get absorbed.


Since the consistency is oil-like as I mentioned, it might seem that it would be heavy in texture. But it’s not like that. It gets absorbed quickly and doesn’t leave any sort of layer or greasiness on the skin.

It is totally transparent so it is difficult to see it in the picture.


It keeps my face supple and healthy, but it hasn’t done anything miraculous, but neither did it break me out so I am glad for that.


Moving on to the Vitamin E moisture cream, it’s a very soft day cream. It’s very light in texture, yet gives good hydration. I absolutely love this cream. It’s perfect.:)


It’s light pink in colour and smells great. All of the products in this kit have a very nice fragrance. This smell is definitely of baby lotions. The fragrance is almost negligible in the cleanser and the toner but it is quite prominent in the 2 creams. The fragrance doesn’t linger for too long. But the fragrance is definitely a bonus for me. I love it.

I wish it were packaged in a tube, as it feels unhygienic in a tub.


The last product is the Night cream. It’s quite thick in texture and feels very luxurious on the skin.

No, I haven’t finished up so much of the cream. It was already very little in amount in this tiny tub. *sob sob*





Although the kit says it’s for all skin types, I would advice oily skin types to stay away from this, as all the products are quite rich in texture. Before I started using it, I feared these products might break me out, but nothing of the sort happened.


I would highly recommend the day and night creams to dry skinned beauties.

The products would last me the whole of winters, except maybe the cream cleanser, but I do not use it daily as I prefer my other face washes/cleansers.

I would like to advice TBS to adjust their quantities a little and make the cleanser of a little bigger size.

I would also like to try their starter kits for oily-combination skin in summers.

Overall, the kit is excellent for trying out if the products work for you. I feel I would like to repurchase the kit every winters till I find something better. But I wouldn’t really want to repurchase the cleanser and the toner, whereas the creams are worth spending money for. Recommended for dry skin.

Why you’ll like it:

1)     All products give good hydration.

2)     Great fragrance.

3)     Make skin very soft.

4)     The day and night cream are excellent.

5)     The kit is of good quality and can be re-used.

Why you’ll dislike it:

1)     Expensive.

2)     Cleanser and toner are not so great.

3)     Creams packaging is unhygienic.

To buy or not to buy?

The kit is definitely worth buying and individually, at the price I recommend buying the day and night creams but not the toner and cleanser so much.

My rating:

Cream cleanser – 6/10

Hydrating toner – 6/10

Moisture cream – 9/10

Night cream – 9/10

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