REVIEW,SWATCHES,EOTD: MAC Fluidline – Macroviolet.


MAC Fluidline – Macroviolet.

According to MAC’s website,

Ultra-smooth, Fluidline’s gel formula provides the precision of a liquid liner with a silkier, softer finish. Goes on “foolproof” with a brush in an easy dip-and-stroke action. Long wearing. Smudge-proof. Lines up in a rich array of colours and finishes. Brush sold separately.



Price: INR 1000/- for 3g.

Available at MAC outlets and counters only.

My experience:

My first fluidlineeeee 😀 😀

This was one of my first MAC products. I love gel eyeliners and really wanted to try the famous MAC fluidlines. When I bought this, I had gone to buy Dark Diversion, but couldn’t get it, read about that here.

To make my mood better, I decided to get my second choice in fluidlines – Macroviolet. I was in a total purple phase at that time and Macroviolet has to be the most gorgeous shade of purple. MAC describes Macroviolet as deep smoked violet with red pearl. I don’t know about red pearl but it’s definitely a beautiful deep smoked violet.

MAC fluidlines have been raved about everywhere, but I’ll still go on and add my 2 cents.


MAC fluidlines are packaged in a black cardboard carton which has all its details on it.


Fluidlines come in a heavy bottomed glass jar. Its matte black plastic cap screws shut very tightly and the jar itself looks very sturdy. Though I’ve never tried but it looks like it wouldn’t break if it falls on the ground. The jar is made of plain glass, not frosted like the Maybelline gel eyeliners.



The texture of the fluidline is seriously beyond words. It is just oh-so-soft. It is very very creamy. It just glides on the eyelids like a dream. I am sure Fluidlines don’t even know what tugging means.

It is absolutely smudgeproof on the eyelids once it sets. It sets very fast, so if you want a smudged look, you need to work on it very quickly. It feels comfortable on the eyes even when worn for a long time.

Fluidlines don’t come with a brush and I use my Maybelline gel eyeliner brush to apply this.

I have not used this on the waterline, as this has glitter in it, so can’t comment on that.


Coming to this particular shade – Macroviolet, I would say that it is not the most pigmented eyeliner I have used. You definitely need more than 1 swipe to build the intensity of the colour.


I have this eyeliner since more than 2 months and the texture of the gel is as good as new. It hasn’t changed a bit.

Although Fluidlines are definitely pricey, but I feel the cost is absolutely justified. For one, the quantity is a lot! 3g might sound less, but you can see how much 3g is in the pot! And I have used this 7-8 times and the pot is still almost full right!! Plus, the quality is so amazing! Once you use these gel liners, you will automatically feel the difference between these and other gel liners.


On my eyes-

PicMonkey Collage2

The last two images are after 6 hours and in a different lighting, which is making the liner look lighter but it was almost the same even after 6 hours, after which I removed it.

Overall, Fluidlines are like an investment, you buy one and they just go on and on. The texture is unlike any other gel eyeliner and they are a must buy if you’re fond of eye makeup. I will definitely be purchasing more Fluidlines soon:)

Why you’ll like it:

1)     Very sturdy packaging.

2)     The texture is the best out of all gel eyeliners I have used – extremely soft and creamy.

3)     Very easy to apply.

4)     Smudge proof.

5)     Waterproof.

6)     Staying power – more than 7 hours.

7)     Beautiful shade.

8)     Texture in the pot remains same for a very long time, doesn’t dry out.

Why you’ll dislike it:

1)     Have to buy a brush separately.

2)     Need more than 1 swipe to build intensity.

3)     Expensive.

To buy or not to buy?


If you’re a gel liner lover, trying out a fluidline is a must I feel and if you’re a purple lover like me, you just can not miss this gorgeous shade of purple J

My rating:

9/10 for the shade

10/10 for the formula!

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