REVIEW: Maybelline fruity jelly lip gloss – Treat me Sweet & Mad about Melon.


Maybelline fruity jelly lip gloss.

According to Maybelline’s website,

Why You’ll love it

  • Unmatched glossy shine that lasts through the day
  • Eight delicious shades and flavours
  • Non sticky nature
  • Superior spreadability

Expert Tip

Start with the center of your lower lip and glide gently towards the outer edges. Follow the same technique for your upper lip.

8 Shades available.

Price: INR 150/- for 10ml.

Available at all Maybelline counters.

My experience:


These cute little lip glosses are available quite easily. And at an affordable price, they’re great for school and college going girls.

These lip glosses come in small tubes of 10ml. they come with a nozzle type applicator. Although I prefer such applicators over the wand type ones for hygiene reasons, this lip gloss applicator is very tiny and I don’t like it much. But the good part is that the nozzle doesn’t ooze out a lot of product in one go!


The lip glosses are of gel like texture which glides on the lips very easily. Sometimes to even out the gloss on the lips, I need to use my fingers as the applicator doesn’t help much in that.

The tube is small and is very travel friendly. It can be thrown around in your handbag easily. 😀

These lip glosses also have really cute fragrances, corresponding to the shade names.

I have the fruit jelly lip gloss in Treat me Sweet and Mad about melon.


Treat me Sweet is a very very cute bubblegum pink shade with lots of glitter. Since the glitter is quite fine, on the lips it translates as a good shine. Both these glosses are very high shine types, as is mentioned on the gloss itself too. The gloss gives a very slight pink tint on the lips, it’s more of a shine gloss!  Treat me sweet has a very sweet bubblegumy smell which I loveee <3 The fragrance doesn’t stay for too long, so its not bothersome.

Mad about Melon is a pretty orange-ish, peach-ish shade, again with a lot of glitter.

This also gives a lot of shine to the lips with almost no colour. It has the fragrance of melon seriously! I don’t love the fragrance but it’s nothing bad and since it doesn’t stay for too long, I don’t mind it at all.


Both the glosses do not have any taste(you know me, I do tend to taste my lip balms/glosses :P).

Both the shades are quite sheer and won’t cover pigmented lips at all.

These lip glosses are not drying on the lips. But they are very sticky. You know the types, when if your hair is blowing it would stick to your lips!

Talking about the staying power, these glosses stay on the lips for about 2-3 hours even with small snacks. But the drawback to this is that they feel very sticky! I guess it is because of the excess stickiness that they can stay long on lips.

Overall, these are good lip glosses, that I won’t mind repurchasing. The shades are sheer but have a lot of shine and look pretty! The Treat me Sweet one is something I would definitely repurchase for I lovee the fragrance! If you are looking for a decent affordable lip gloss, go for it 🙂

Why you’ll like it:

1)     Convenient and hygienic tube.

2)     Travel friendly.

3)     8 shades available.

4)     Delicious fragrance.

5)     Very high-shine glosses.

6)     Good staying power.

7)     Not drying.

8)     Budget friendly price.

9)     Easily available.

Why you’ll dislike it:

1)     Nozzle applicator not too effective.

2)     Very sticky.

3)     Sheer.

To buy or not to buy?


My rating:


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