Vellvette box review – January 2013.


No, I am not late in posting this. Yes, I actually got my box today! 🙁

Vellvette had some confusion and they mistook my order to have been completed last month. Hence the delay!

Anyway, I finally have my January box! And I’m showing you what I got in it.

I am sure everyone knows the concept by now, for those who don’t, you can read my post here.


By now I have already seen soo many January boxes and had seen all possible combinations of products, so I knew I would be probably getting the chocolate scrub too! But I was still praying that I get it! I know not many people liked the scrub but I really wanted it anyway. For the fragrance mainly and also for the cute tin box it came in 😛

Nyassa Belgian Chocolate Body Scrub.


The scrub tin came in 2 layers of plastic packaging!



O.P.I Nail Varnish – Kiss me on my tulips.

Finally I got an O.P.I. I had really really wanted it and I had seen so many people getting it in previous boxes and I got it now 🙂 and I really like the shade I’ve got:) a bright pink! 😀


The tinyyy nail paint bottle just refused to lie down and didn’t let me take a proper picture!!

Bath & Body Works – Twilight Woods Body Lotion.


I was kindof disappointed to get the lotion, as I have too many lotions and butters right now and winters are almost over! Also, I would have loved to get the primer or foundation other people got. But once I sniffed this lotion, all my complaints ran away! It smells heavenly 😀


All in all, I am very satisfied with what I got 🙂 not so satisfied with their service, but it’s okay, they made a mistake and everyone makes a mistake! This was the last of my 3 month subscription and I would be renewing it definitely for I love love love surprises 🙂 and with Vellvette it feels like my birthday every month 😛 lol!


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