Rant&Rave – Jesus Del Pozo Halloween Kiss.

Hello everyone:)

It’s been literally raining cats and dogs here in Delhi since last night! God how I hate rain! Ughh!!! But it’s got cool again and I like that since I loveeee winters 😀 so, I am sitting in my blanket with hot coffee! Aahh now that’s bliss 🙂

Anyway, I am talking about this perfume today which is my current favourite perfume!



I got a sample of this scent in my first Vellvete Box in September 2012. The fragrance is amazing 🙂

According to the description card by the Vellvette team, the notes in this scent are –

Opening notes – Watermelon, Berries and Coca Cola.

Middle notes – Peonies, Freesia and Peaches.

Top notes – Chocolate and vanilla.

As you all know by now, I am very bad at describing scents, so obviously describing a perfume with so many different notes is a nothing short of a herculean task for me!

Well, I’ll try. Honestly, I do not recognize any of the opening notes!

But yes, I do find the fragrance quite floral and vanilla-ish. Actually this is how I like my scents best. Floral with a touch of musk or something like vanilla and all!

And that’s why I am in love with this scent. I generally do not wear perfumes to college, I prefer lighter scents like mists for daily wear. But for parties Halloween kiss has become my favourite these days. 🙂


Although I have this since September last year, I got around to using this just this year. And now I think, I am going to finish up this tiny vial very quickly. I would definitely think about purchasing this perfume. It retails for Rs.3600. And its bottle too looks lovely.

In the case that this vial came in, there was a tattoo too. I put it on yesterday haha! See- 😛 Its those type of tattoos that we used to get free with chewing gums and all. 😛

I am such a kid 😛



Only I know how I managed to balance the perfume vial on my arm! Phew!

So, what’s your favourite perfume these days? 🙂

7 thoughts on “Rant&Rave – Jesus Del Pozo Halloween Kiss.

  1. LOL your rose tattoo 😀 Macho man types hahaha! I used to love these tattoos when i was a kid 😀 I buy chips,bubblegums only for these 😛
    and perfume sounds heavenly, all those different notes ^.^

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