REVIEW: Bath & Body Works Body Lotion – Twilight Woods.


Bath & Body Works Body Lotion – Twilight Woods.

According to Bath & Body Works’s website,

Moisturize with a hypnotic blend of berry, soft mimosa, apricot nectar and warm woods in our exclusive hydrating formula. Skin-softening shea butter, Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E for all-day fragrance and moisture, making it the perfect everyday lotion.

  • Shea butter, fast absorbing Jojoba oil and protective Vitamin E deliver all-day moisture and fragrance.
  • Our exclusive Twilight Woods is a hypnotic blend of apricot nectar, mimosa petals and Tuscan cypress inspired by the enticing warmth of woods at twilight.
  • Key Fragrance Notes: Juicy Berry, Soft Mimosa, Apricot Nectar, Warm Woods



Price: INR810 for 236ml/8oz.

Available at a few online stores like,, Kunchals in GkII M-block market, New Delhi.

My experience:

I received this travel sized body lotion in my January Vellvette Box. I have always wanted to try Bath & Body Works stuff and was really happy to receive this!

Since this is a travel sized bottle of 59ml/2oz can not really comment on the packaging of the full size. But this comes in a very sturdy transparent plastic bottle with a flip top cap.



The fragrance, Twilight Woods, is an amazing fragrance. Truly delectable! It is a woody fragrance with hints of a mild fruity scent. To me, the fragrance feels very warm, I just get a very warm cozy feeling when I smell this and I love this fragrance 😀


But the fragrance doesn’t last at all on me, hardly 2 hours! Disappointing!

The texture of the lotion is very creamy and gets absorbed very quickly. It gets spread easily.


It is not a highly moisturizing lotion I feel. For me it is sufficient as I do not have extremely dry skin. But those who do have extremely dry skin may not find this moisturizing enough.

I am not in love with the body lotion, I feel TBS has better ones, but this fragrance is something I am definitely in love with!

Overall, it’s a very good moisturizer. Great for those with normal to dry skin. The scent is heavenly, the only con being that the scent doesn’t linger on.

Why you’ll like it:

1)     Truly amazing scent.

2)     Moisturizes skin well.

3)     Sturdy and convenient packaging.

4)     Non greasy and gets absorbs quickly.

Why you’ll dislike it:

1)     Fragrance doesn’t linger on skin.

2)     Not moisturizing enough for very dry skin.

3)     Expensive.

4)     Not easily available in India.

To buy or not to buy?


My rating:


11 thoughts on “REVIEW: Bath & Body Works Body Lotion – Twilight Woods.

  1. You won’t believe me 😀 I saw this email from your blog and read this post’s title as TIGER Wood 😀 😛 For second I was like huh? :O Hahahaha!
    The packaging is cute! bath and body works bottles are cute not plain boring like tbs. But then again I can’t possibly live without tbs -.- 😀 LOL

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