REVIEW – Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Shampoo, Conditioner.


Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Shampoo, Conditioner.

According to Herbal Essences’s website,

Quench thirsty locks with my moisturizing hair shampoo that has a fusion of Hawaiian coconut and orchid, and essential moisturizers. My hair shampoo helps replenish your pretty, parched head with hair that is silky and supple. Want another drink of moisture? Seek my happily hydrated hair conditioner. Let your hair drink it up.

My moisturizing hair conditioner is deliciously hydrating. Why not give your dry hair a drink? I say you can never get too much of a good thing. So say “hello” to a deep dousing of lush hydration with my rich formula. I’ve got moisturizers and a fusion of Hawaiian coconut and orchid. Drink up and replenish much needed moisture. My hair conditioner will reunite you with manageable, silky, smooth hair.

P.S. Do check out the Herbal Essences site, it’s fun and so colourful and you can easily find out which HE range you should go for:)

Ingredients: Shampoo – 


Conditioner –


Price:Shampoo – INR 148 for 300ml.

Conditioner – INR 190 for 300ml.

Available at most department stores, online stores.

My experience:

I’ll start by telling you all some background info about my hair. I used to have relatively thick and oily hair till a few years back. But gradually, my hair has become very dry, limp and lifeless. These days I am incorporating sulphate free products into my hair care to get rid of the damage and build up that these chemicals have caused over the years. Though my hair now is dry by nature but thankfully they are regaining some life now!

Herbal essences is a brand which I personally love for the colourful and attractive packaging as well as their fragrances! I have had a mixed experience with their products. Today I’ll review my favourite range from this brand!

First, talking about the Hello Hydration moisturizing shampoo for dry/damaged hair –


I have this shampoo since a very long time, it’s almost getting over. Hello hydration shampoo comes in a curvy transparent blue bottle. It’s a very attractive bottle and it also has some interesting text on it 😛


The bottle is travel friendly too. It has a green cap with a press to open mechanism. It dispenses the right amount of product.


One con I feel with Herbal Essences products is that they only sell 300ml bottles here in India, you can only buy this big bottle, there is no smaller size available!

The shampoo is a pale blue coloured liquid. It’s not too runny, just right for a shampoo. The shampoo lathers very well. It also cleans my hair pretty effectively, even when I’ve oiled my hair previously, it takes out the oil well in maximum 2 rinses.


The shampoo has a very sweet, fruity fragrance. It does smell of coconut somewhat but in a nice way, not the coconut oil type! I really like the fragrance but the fragrance doesn’t linger on for long unless I use the conditioner of the same range.

The shampoo makes my dry hair soft and smooth. My hair feel more manageable with this. It doesn’t weigh down my hair. But it does nothing for the volume or life of my hair.

Also, I feel it doesn’t completely take care of the frizzyness in my hair. The frizzy hair and flyaways especially near the crown are still there and this shampoo doesn’t do anything for them. So, used alone this shampoo doesn’t really suffice for my dry hair.

Overall, it’s a decent shampoo which cleans my scalp and hair well but doesn’t moisturize them too well.

Next, talking about the Hello Hydration moisturizing conditioner



After I finished almost half of the shampoo bottle, I felt it wasn’t giving my hair enough hydration and having read a lot of rave reviews about the conditioner, I purchased it.

The conditioner comes in a similar bottle as the shampoo. The only difference is that the bottle is upside down and it’s opaque. It has the same green cap.


First thing that hits you when you press open the cap is the fragrance. It has quite a strong fragrance which, I must tell you, is beyond heavenly! It’s the most delicious fragrance in any hair care product ever! I so so so love the fragrance. It’s fruity along with being coconutty, and it’s very sweet and exotic. I think not everyone would like the fragrance. The fragrance lasts more than a day on my hair and I love this fact 😀 And when used with the same shampoo, the fragrance is enhanced a bit and smells lovely!

The texture of the conditioner is just like a conditioner should be. It’s creamy without being too thick. It spreads easily on my hair. I leave in this conditioner for 5-6 minutes after shampooing and then rinse it off. It doesn’t take too much water to rinse off as other conditioners.



This conditioner makes my hair oh-so-soft! It moisturizes my hair very well. It detangles my hair very well and also takes care of the frizz. I keep touching my hair thanks to this conditioner. It also gives my hair a natural bounce. What I also really like is that it doesn’t give my hair that artificial slippery feeling, it makes my hair feel rather natural and healthy.

However, if sometimes I use a bit more product than normal, my hair feels weighed down.

Overall, it’s an amazing conditioner for dry, damaged hair with an absolutely heavenly fragrance. I highly recommend this conditioner and personally would repurchase this conditioner all my life till I find something better! 

I also want to mention that I suffer from quite some dandruff and this range has neither increased nor decreased my dandruff so it’s good for sensitive scalps as well.

Both the products are very reasonable and budget friendly. The quantity for the price is amazing.

I also want to mention my thoughts about the ingredients in these two. As I mentioned above, I am shifting towards sulphate&parabens-free products these days.

You can see the ingredients above. The shampoo doesn’t contain SLS, but does contain other sulphates, as well as Dimethicone which is a very controversial ingredient in hair care. Due to these ingredients I won’t be repurchasing this shampoo once I am over with this bottle.

In the conditioner, there are a lot less chemicals and I am happy about that. So, unless I find something better I would repurchase this and currently I have more than 3/4th of this bottle to finish.

All in all, this range still contains much less chemicals than our other favourite products like Dove, Pantene, Tresemme, Sunsilk…

Overall, this range is great for dry hair. The conditioner especially is an amazing product, the best conditioner I have ever used and I recommend it to everyone with dry hair!

Why you’ll like it:

1)     Budget- friendly.

2)     Easily available.

3)     Attractive packaging.

4)     Great fragrance.

5)     Conditioner makes hair extremely soft and manageable.

6)     Conditioner contains relatively less chemicals.

Why you’ll dislike it:

1)     Shampoo is not enough for dry hair.

2)     Shampoo contains a lot of silicons and sulphates.

To buy or not to buy?

If you’re not bothered about the chemicals, and love your Doves and all, do give this range a try, you won’t regret it! The conditioner, though, is a must buy for dry haired people 🙂

My rating:

Shampoo – 6/10

Conditioner – 10/10

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  1. Thank you for such an awesome article dear and from my side I want to say that i am using intensive hydration shampoo for my hair Because this sulfate-free shampoo cleanses while infusing hair with intense moisture and shine-enhancing nutrients. Certified Organic Shea Butter, Honey, Mafura and Baobab are blended into a rich formulation of restorative oils to soften and revitalize hair.

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