REVIEW: Olay Body Wash plus crème ribbons.

Olay body wash plus crème ribbons.


According to Olay’s website,

Each bottle contains more than a jar of Olay moisturizers

Wrap your skin in a fragrant, luxurious lather created from two intertwined ribbons—one cleanses skin while the other moisturizes—for visibly improved skin in only five days. Contains two intertwined ribbons of body wash and crème lotion for excellent moisturization while you cleanse.



Price: INR 190 for 295ml.

Available at most general stores and online stores.

My experience:

How many you have quite some stuff at home which you bought only to redeem free shipping at online stores? Well, I do have quite a lot of stuff 😛 This body wash is one of them 😛

I have quite a good history with Olay body washes. My very first body wash was from Olay. I guess this was around 8 years back when my aunt got some Olay body washes for me from the US, at that time I don’t think we got them here in India. They were the Shea Butter Body Washes which she herself used and loved. That was my first body wash and I was hooked to using them after that. Never really went back to soaps after that. But once my stash was over and I didn’t find Olay body washes anywhere so I moved on to other brands like Lux. After so many years I am back to using Olay and loving it:)



The body wash is reasonably priced at Rs. 190 for 295ml.

This body wash comes in an upside down translucent white bottle with a soft pink cap. The dispenser is very different from other products I’ve used. The packaging is cute and girly, alongwith being travel friendly.


The texture of the body wash is very thick and creamy and as the name suggests it has crème ribbons. Hence the dispenser is very convenient as it allows the product to come out in ribbons.


This is how the body wash looks when I take it out from the bottle.


The texture is very creamy and feels so amazing on skin mostly in winters. Using a loofah, good amount of lather is formed and the best thing is that the lather is so creamy and soft, I just love it!

Since it is so creamy, it is very perfect for winters and I highly recommend it to everyone for winters. To me, it feels very luxurious and a great way to pamper myself.

The body wash is very moisturizing and after the bath I find my skin feeling so soft and smooth. In summers, I don’t need a moisturizer after using this, but in winters, I do need one as the effect of this moisturizer starts wearing off after 2-3 hours.

The body wash rinses off easily, it’s not sticky or with the slick feeling that some body washes tend to have.

The body wash has a fruity kindof fragrance which I’m not too fond of. I don’t really like the fragrance much but the texture makes up for it! Had the fragrance been different, this would become my favourite body wash easily.

I also want to try their Body Butter Ribbons body wash next winters! 🙂

Overall, it is a great body wash at an affordable price. It does its job well and even moisturizes skin. A great body wash for dry skin and great in winters as it has a luxurious feel to it. Recommended by me! 🙂

Why you’ll like it:

1)     Pretty and sturdy packaging.

2)     Budget friendly product.

3)     Lathers very well.

4)     Lather formed is very creamy and soft.

5)     It feels luxurious 🙂

6)     Rinses off well.

7)     Moisturizes skin.

Why you’ll dislike it:

1)     I don’t really loveee the fragrance,

To buy or not to buy?


My rating:


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