REVIEW: Colorbar First Impressions Powder Brush.


According to Colorbar,

First Impressions

Calling all fashionistas to add some fun to every beauty job that needs to be done. Colorbar Accessories – on serious beauty-duty all day, so you can stay fabulous at work and play. Get, set, gorgeous!

Powder Brush

Meet the fluffy pouf with oomph! This plimp powder brush is a charmer that blends all kinds of powders to give you a camera-ready face every stroke,everyday. The soft,rounded bristles say no to powderiness or caking for a smooth, even finish.

How to use

Stroke the brush over powder and tap off the excess. Blend well using circular movements – start from the centre of your face and work outwards. Gently clean the brush by washing with mild shampoo and cold water, rinse and leave it to air-dry.

Price: INR 475/-

Available at Colorbar outlets and some online stores like Nykaa,

My experience:

When I got hold of these colorful brushes from Colorbar, it was like a dream come true! I had always dreamt of makeup brushes with coloured bristles. But all of the attractive brushes were made by international brands which weren’t too easily available in India. I was even considering buying the ones launched in the MAC holiday collection recently, but couldn’t get myself to spend so much 🙁 And then Colorbar heard me and brought these beauties into my life! Aahh 😀

But does this brush also perform like a dream? Read on to know!

One confession before starting – these brushes by Colorbar are my first brushes :O Yes, you read it right! I do not own any brushes besides these, except my eyeliner brush and Bourjois Kabuki Brush. Since powder and blush(sometimes) are the only things I use as a part of my face makeup I do not need any other brushes. Also, because I generally find the puffs/applicators that come with powders pretty useless, I had been looking for good quality brushes since a very long time. The only other brush I own is the Bourjois Kabuki which I love and I’ll review it soon!

So, this review is by someone who is totally inexperienced when it comes to good quality brushes and please forgive me if I miss out on mentioning any point and you’re free to ask anything in the comments 🙂

Talking about the packaging of the brush first, it comes in a plastic cover which has a zip lock kind of thing so the case can be used for storing the brush safely. That’s what I’m doing 😛 The brush can also be carried safely in this cover.



The brush itself is super attractive as you all know by now! It has a white handle and hot pink bristles(Teeheeee:P). The handle I feel is of decent size and not too short or too long. The bristles are quite soft, not veryyy soft but quite soft! Comparing to my Bourjois brush, I would say Bourjois is softer but this isn’t bad either, I don’t find it at all scratchy or anything.

Although, the brush is quite fluffy and nice, it should have been a bit more densely packed I feel. I use this to apply my compact and loose powder and feel that a denser brush would do the job better. But I guess at this price, we can’t really ask for so much!


In one swipe in my compact, it picks up decent amount of powder which is enough for almost half of my face. Generally, I pick powder with this three times for my full face. It blends the powder well, but here too I feel denser bristles would have done a better job!

I washed this brush before using it for the first time as I read somewhere that all machine made brushes have some loose hair. So, in the first wash, the brush shed some bristles, like 6-7 I think. But after that I haven’t seen it shedding even a single hair. Since I powder my face daily and have been using this for almost 2 weeks now I have washed it 2-3 times and there has been no shedding. The brush also doesn’t get stained. It gets washed very easily with a mild shampoo or a liquid hand wash. Since the bristles are not natural, it also dries quickly.


Overall, Colorbar’s powder brush is a super cute brush which also does its job well. It could have been better but at the price I feel it’s perfect.

Why you’ll like it:

1)     Very very attractive!

2)     PINK bristles!!! 😀

3)     Soft bristles.

4)     Fluffy.

5)     Doesn’t shed at all.

6)     Easy to wash.

7)     Budget friendly.

Why you’ll dislike it:

1)     Not very dense.

To buy or not to buy?

If you want to own a decent quality powder brush which is not expensive, then this is a must try!

My rating:


Do you own any budget friendly makeup brushes? What other good quality powder brushes would you suggest for me? 🙂

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