REVIEW: Dove Elixir Dryness Care – Lavender and Olive Oil.

Dove Elixir – Dryness Care.


According to Dove,

Keeping beauty at the heart of all that we do, Dove brings you get another ode to everything beautiful – Elixir, Dove’s very first range of precious hair oils. Plucked from the gardens of time and indulged in Rose, Hibiscus and Lavender, Dove Elixir gives your hair the power of overnight oiling* in 30 minutes.

Dove Elixir – Dryness Care

Used in Egyptian medicine from 1800 B.C. and often used by Greek pharaohs for fragrance, Lavender or Lavendula, now lends itself beautifully to Dove Elixir. Lavender with rich Olive Oil that’s known to be found in the Mediterranean region, make for the virtuous concoction – Dryness Care by Dove Elixir. These golden drops of elixir work to overwhelm dryness, to nourish every single hair fibre and protect against hair damage. The potion of Dove Elixir – Dryness Care for luxuriously soft, beautiful tresses. To give you the goodness of overnight oiling* in 30 minutes.

How to apply?

Step 1: Gently pump out a few drops of the precious Dove Elixir.

Step 2: Indulge your tresses with the replenishing qualities of Elixir 30 minutes before your hair wash.

*vs coconut oil. **Due to breakage.



Price: INR 185 for 90ml.

Available at most general stores, chemists, online stores.

Other variants available Hair fall rescue, Nourished Shine.

My experience:

I am a person who likes her traditional oils very much and never really tried the more commercial oils or serums etc. But this product has been in the news so much since its launch and it has such an attractive packaging that I couldn’t resist myself from buying it. *why am I such a sucker for good packaging*

So, how did this oil fare with me? Let’s find out!



The bottle comes in a white cardboard carton. The outer carton has details of ingredients and the claims by the brand.

The bottle itself is super duper pretty! I love the bottle! Kudos to Dove for coming up with the bottle design and idea! The bottle is made of glass and is quite heavy. I wish it was of plastic to make it travel friendly and safe. I am constantly in the fear of breaking this delicate glass bottle. But it looks very classy and attractive! The bottle has a pump dispenser with a plastic cap to lock it to prevent leakage.




Inside the bottle, you can see petals floating in the oils which make a very pretty sight! 🙂


Talking about the oil, it’s a clear oil which feels very light and not at all sticky. The oil gets easily absorbed and doesn’t feel greasy at all.

The oil has a fragrance typical of dove. The fragrance is not at all natural and doesn’t smell of any natural oil to me.

The oil is quite difficult to remove from hair, I hate this part.




I tried this oil overnight as well as for 30minutes and somehow found better results when I used for 30 minutes. After washing, my otherwise dry hair felt very soft and hydrated. My hair did not feel weighed down or anything, my hair was soft and the frizziness was reduced to a great extent. After using it for 3-4 times, I felt an overall reduction in frrizziness and hair felt softer.

But let me tell you – when I started using this oil my hair was in a pathetic condition. I hadn’t oiled my hair since ages because of a hectic schedule and laziness so they had become very dry and frizzy. After using this oil for about 2 weeks, twice a week, I started my usual oiling with coconut and almond oil and felt my hair extremely soft and hydrated. I am mentioning this as I feel that Dove elixir is not a miraculous product. I get the same results with traditional oils and these traditional oils are much more natural and beneficial than Dove elixir. I say so seeing the ingredients in it, it consists of 78% mineral oil!! I would try and finish this oil and use the pretty pretty bottle for storing my usual oils or something else.:D

Personally, I recommend this oil to only those who are not bothered about the chemicals they use. To those who don’t really count the silicones or sulphates they use. I guess everyone who uses shampoos too from Dove would pretty much love this oil. Also, it’s good for those who want instant results and don’t like traditional oiling. So, it’s your own decision of what kindof products you use and based on that you can try this oil 🙂

Why you’ll like it:

1)     Amazing packaging.

2)     Oil non greasy and very light.

3)     Makes hair soft and hydrated.

Why you’ll dislike it:

1)     Packaging is heavy delicate.

2)     It’s not travel friendly.

3)     Difficult to wash off.

4)     Contains 78% mineral oil.

To buy or not to buy?

I have answered this question above!

My rating:


P.S. When you guys will be reading this post, I’ll be in college giving an exam:P Just discovered the joy of timing my posts in advance 😀

10 thoughts on “REVIEW: Dove Elixir Dryness Care – Lavender and Olive Oil.

  1. Mineral oil will actually make ur scalp and hair drier over a period of time. My bottle is lying in one corner after I used it a couple of times.
    Hey, I have subscribed to ur email alert but I’m just not getting any new post emails from u…wonder y. Following u on twitter now so at least I’ll know when u post 🙂
    Best of luck for ur exams.

    1. ohh thanks for telling! dnt know now how shud i finish this oil so i can reuse the bottle:P
      n just checked ur id isnt there in the email subscribers! maybe there was some error, could u do it again please! sorry for the trouble !
      n thank you 🙂

  2. i hate this about hair oils, wen they dont come off. i stick to olive oil, with a little almond oil. thats about it. thats a good review:)

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