QUICK REVIEW: Maybelline Ultra Liner – Brown.


This was one of my first brown eyeliners along with Maybelline Gel eyeliner. This was a very impulsive purchase and now I regret not buying backups for this as it has been discontinued. 🙁

It was priced at Rs.225 for 7.3ml. It’s very well priced I feel for the quantity.

This eyeliner comes in a white opaque bottle with a cap of the same colour as the eyeliner. This eyeliner comes used to come in 2 shades –Black and Brown.


The brown is a beautiful dark chocolate brown. An absolutely amazing shade. I love wearing this brown. The texture of this eyeliner is unlike any other liquid eyeliner I have used. It is quite thick and not at all runny. The texture makes it a breeze to apply.  Also I personally love liquid eyeliners and so I really love it for its ease of application.

The brush of the eyeliner is a thin brush which gives very precise lines.


It claims to be waterproof and I would somewhat agree to it. It really doesn’t come off with water unless you rub really hard. But after 5-6 hours of wear, it starts flaking off.

Another drawback I find is that since it’s a little thick it takes a little more time to dry than usual eyeliners.

Overall, it’s simply the best liquid eyeliner I have ever tried, mainly because of its texture and brush. It is very reasonably priced and very worth the price. I would love it if Maybelline gets this back in the Indian market and if you can find any old stock in any stores, do buy it and buy it for me too 😛 

P.S. Sorry for the pathetic pictures 🙁 they were clicked in a hurry!

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PicMonkey Collagen

Do you like liquid eyeliners? Which is your favourite?

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