REVIEW: Figs & Rouge Aloe and Mint Balm.


Figs & Rouge Aloe and Mint Balm.

According to Figs & Rouge,

Moisturizing with power packed ingredients. Excellent for soothing dry, sore and irritated lips and skin. Intense and delicious.

Petroleum free lip balm – soothing, protecting and long lasting!



Price: INR 695/- for 17ml.

Available at  umm… nowhere? 🙁 Vellvette would probably stock it in some time.

My experience:

I received this balm in my Februray Vellvette box. I was very excited to try this as I’ve read that Emma Watson loves this balm 😛 Also, because it’s 100%organic.

Let’s see if this lived upto my excitement!

The packaging of this balm is amazing. It looks kindof vintage and so pretty. It comes in a tin with a simple lid. Although the lid doesn’t have any screw mechanism or anything, it still shuts tightly and so this tin is safe for travelling too. Many people might not like the tin packaging for hygiene reasons but I can totally forgive it for its cuteness:)


It has a lot of variants, see here and here. I would love to get all of them 😛 especially the cocovanilla and rose one!

Figs & rouge balms are 100% organic and made of all natural ingredients. It really feels good to know I’m putting something good on myself and not something loaded with chemicals!



The fragrance of this balm is so so fresh! It has a very strong mint scent, which fades away within a few minutes of application. I somehow find the scent like mint chocolate, don’t know why, or also similar to Polo 😛 it’s a very neutral fragrance so most people would like it. The mint in the balm gives a very nice tingling sensation, which lasts for a minute if you apply a generous amount of balm. I love the tingling 😛 Lol.

The texture of this balm is very soft, it kindof seems waxy in the tin but it’s very soft and creamy to apply. You only need a tiny amount at a time so this tin will last me a long time. On the lips too, the balm feels very light. But I’m scared this might melt in extreme summers if taken out in the Sun so have to be careful.


Talking about its moisturizing properties, it makes my lips very very soft. Since, I don’t have very dry or chapped lips, I can’t comment on its healing properties much.

Also, the balm keeps lips soft and hydrated for a good amount of time; I don’t feel the need of a balm for 5-6 hours easily.

As this is a balm for lips and skin as well, I wanted to try it on skin too. So I tried this on a few dry patches on my cheeks. I left it overnight and voila! My cheeks were smooth and hydrated in the morning. 🙂 I wish this had come a month earlier so I could have made good use of it in the chilly winters of Delhi; I hope it lasts me till next winters as it’ll be a treat then 🙂 so, I’ll say it’s very moisturizing and very rightly so as it contains Aloe Vera.


Major drawbacks of this balm are its availability in India and its price. It definitely is expensive but I can assure you it’s worth it. Plus its quantity is huge and would last rally long. A normal lip balm like The Body Shop Born Lippy or their lip butters are 10ml whereas this is 17ml, which is quite a lot 🙂

According to me, it’s the perfect lip balm! I would definitely be on the lookout for these and purchase more flavours whenever I can 😀

Overall, I’m in love with this balm! It’s a wonderful multi-purpose product with an amazing minty fragrance. It’s a must have for everyone with dry skin and lips, and those with occasional dry patches; it’ll definitely come in handy. But it’s not available in India easily and it’s expensive, but do try and get it if you can 🙂 Highly recommended.

Why you’ll like it:

1)     Super adorable packaging.

2)     Amazing mint fragrance.

3)     Soft and creamy texture.

4)     Very moisturizing.

5)     Multi-purpose – can be used for skin and lips.

6)     Huge quantity.

Why you’ll dislike it:

1)     Availability.

2)     Expensive.

3)     Tin packaging might get unhygienic.

To buy or not to buy?


My rating:

10/10 for me!

9/10 – for those who need to look for it and buy it at that price *evil grin*

[UPDATE – Available here on now, Go and get ittt:)]

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