REVIEW: Colorbar Ultimate Nail Enamel Remover.


According to Colorbar,

Magic in a bottle!

Just dip and twist for spotlessy clean nails with the Colorbar Ultimate nail enamel remover.



Price: INR 295/- for 100ml.

Available at Colorbar counters and outlets and online stores.

My experience:

I was always quite fascinated with this nail paint remover, ever since it was launched but found it expensive. But then I used my brain and did some calculations. My usual Lakme nail paint remover comes for Rs.60/- for 27ml and this one is Rs.295/- for 100ml. I further got it on discount for Rs.280/-. So, basically per ml cost of Lakme is Rs.2.22 and Colorbar is Rs.2.95.

So, is there so much difference in the price, No, there’s not! Read on to know why Colorbar’s remover is still so special.

The nail paint remover comes in a bright red bottle with a black cap. The cap shuts tightly and the bottle is totally travel friendly and sturdy. On opening the bottle, inside you can see only a black sponge which has a small space to insert your finger. It is this sponge that is soaked with nail paint remover.




The remover also has a nice fragrance which does linger on your nails for some time.

To remove the nail paint from your finger, you just need to insert your finger and twist it in the sponge and take it out in a few seconds! Your finger comes out totally clean. Some nail paint can be left in the edges which can be removed by twisting your finger again in the jar. I personally have a lot of fun twisting my finger to remove the nail paint 😛  It is very easy and takes very less time compared to rubbing your nails with cotton! I’m totally hooked to this remover and can’t see myself going back to the traditional way of cotton and remover!

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I’m sure we all have faced the trouble of taking out glitter nail paints, so even with this remover, glitters don’t come out in one time, you need to go back again and again 2-3 times for removing glitter nail paints. But that’s the problem with the glitters, no?

This is actually the perfect thing for when you’re travelling. While travelling you don’t want the hassle of taking cotton, remover etc, so this perfect then! 😀 also, its safe for travelling as no liquid leaks out since it’s all soaked by the sponge!

I also saw this type of remover in Sephora by their own brand, I forgot to check the price but would love to try that too.

Overall, it’s a great idea and also very effective. It is great for travelling or when you’re in a hurry.

Why you’ll like it:

1)     Convenient, travel friendly and attractive bottle.

2)     Very effective.

3)     Less time consuming.

4)     Great for travelling.

5)     Has a nice fragrance.

6)     Saves time, effort, cotton!

Why you’ll dislike it:

1)     Can not be used for toes.

Nothing else to dislike in this! It does what it should!

To buy or not to buy?


My rating:



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  1. what an awesome product!! 🙂 I sometimes get tried of rubbing my nails with a cotton 😛

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