REVIEW: Garnier Pure Active Neem face wash.


Garnier Pure Active Neem Face Wash



Price: INR 49/- for 50g.

Available at all general stores.

My experience:

I bought this face wash very randomly. I was bored with my usual Himalaya face washes, which are very good by the way, but I was just bored and wanted something new. This seemed good as I have oily skin and it’s very reasonably priced.






The face wash comes in a simple no-fuss white tube. The tube is convenient to use, sturdy and travel-friendly.

The face wash itself is a green gel. It cleans my face very well! It gives a squeaky clean feeling without making skin tight or stretchy at all. It controls oil well and yet, it doesn’t make my skin dry at all. I am really really liking this face wash.


It also gives a very cooling and refreshing feeling. It feels great to wash my face with this when I come home in the evening.

It has a very mild scent which is not at all bothersome.

Since I do not have pimples *touch wood*, I can not comment on its efficacy in curing pimples, but it doesn’t look like this can give anyone pimples!

It doesn’t have any cons, it’s just a simple face wash which does its job very well! I would definitely repurchase this.

Overall, it’s a very good face wash. It cleans my face very well without drying it. It also controls oil well, gives a refreshing feeling. Recommended for oily skin if you want to try a good budget friendly face wash.

Why you’ll like it:

1)     Simple, travel friendly packaging.

2)     Budget friendly.

3)     Cleans very well.

4)     Doesn’t dry out skin.

Why you’ll dislike it:

You won’t! 🙂

To buy or not to buy?

Must try for oily skinned girls.

My rating:


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