TBS & MAC Haul and some rambling!


I hauled, way too early in this month, no? Sigh!

My best friend and I were just hanging out when this haul happened 😛

I’ll come straight to the stuff I bought!


The Body Shop Banana Shampoo & Conditioner. I’m way too addicted to TBS now and I’ve even got my mom and sis addicted! They had sniffed at these beauties last time and were hooked, especially my sis who really likes bananas, I don’t though, but still loved the fragrance of these! And these are more natural than other stuff in the market so finally decided these over L’occitane which is way too expensive 🙂

These were on my wishlist here.


Then we were just randomly checking out MAC when I got the MSF Natural tried on my face and lovveeedddd it 😛 If you follow me on twitter, you must have read last night’s tweet ; I have been seriously obsessed with MSF since some days! And there in the store I couldn’t resist myself! So, I’m finally the very proud owner of MAC Mineralized SkinFinish Natural – Medium. You can’t imagine the feeling now that I have it !!!!!!


I was scared my mom will kill me when I got home, but I first asked her does she notice anything different about my face, and she said it’s looking nice, it’s looking very smooth! And then I told her what I bought and she was like “Acha hai! It’s looking nice, but don’t waste it! ” yessss 😀 No scolding even 😛

So, that’s my entire haul.

And I observed that usually I buy lots of small small stuff which makes me feel super guilty and today I bought some big stuff and both overall would cost same na, so now I’m done with this month’s makeup shopping. Now, will shop only for my college farewell, which is in the last week of April.

What big makeup splurges have you made recently? Loving them or regretting? 😀 Do share in the comments below:)

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