Fashion & Beauty Blunders – Lining Lips.

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Hello everyone! How’s the week going? I’m not having mid week crisis for a change as I’m taking an off from college today 😛
So, I’m here today with the first post of my new series – Fashion & Beauty Blunders.
Here I’ll share with you things I feel are major blunders from my experience or something I see etc.

Today I want to share with you a blunder that I saw on the metro. There was a woman sitting directly opposite me, she was wearing a pink and green saree and had decent face and eye makeup with light pink eyeshadow and black liner which was going very well with her complexion and attire.

The feature that has given her the honour to feature in this section was her lip makeup. She had lined her lips with a dark green liner and filled them with pink frosty lipstick. Can you imagine the picture? To be honest I could just not stop looking at her!

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I know I’m an amateur in makeup moreover I have never worn lipstick myself but really I have never seen anyone wearing a green lip liner. Have you?
Plus the lipstick shades matched perfectly with the colours in her saree, that’s a blunder in itself to me! But ignoring that completely – green liner with pink lips, Oh God, it looked very odd.

What do you think about it? Have you seen any such thing?

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