QUICK REVIEW, SWATCHES: Colorlab liquid eyeliner.


I had bought these Colorlab liquid eyeliners more than 2 years back. At that time I had never used any liquid eyeliner and for a cousin’s wedding, I bought these pocket friendly eyeliners. They come in a lot of shades and are packaged like a nail paint.

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These liquid eyeliners used to retail for INR50-60 when I had bought them 2 years back.

The brush is very thin and good for making thin lines. But if you want a thicker line and want to layer the liner, it’s not possible as the liner starts to flake on layering. The consistency of the liner is very runny. It takes a lot of time to dry. On a single drop of water these liners wash away leaving only the glitter behind as in the picture above.

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Also, the liners start fading away from the lid within 2 hours.

The shades are very pretty and that’s what lured me to buy these as I just wanted for one particular occasion.

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There are a lot of better liners out there in the market and I do not recommend these at all.

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