Eye makeup tutorial using Lakme Tanjore Rush Quad | My First tutorial:)

Hello everyone!

I am so excited as well as nervous as I post my first tutorial! I have always been fascinated with eye makeup and have been practicing a lot with the help of amazing pictorials and videos and I felt I can do a tutorial myself so posting this! It’s my first so obviously it’s very below average right now, but I hope I improve soon and please be kind to me my friends 🙂

I shared a look with you all in the review of the Lakme eyeshadow quad here, the tutorial is for that only.

So, let’s start –

PicMonkey Collage

Step 1 – Start with a clean, moisturized eye.

Step 2 – I have applied a little Maybelline BB stick as base and concealer, just to even out the skin around eyes.

Step 3 – I have applied Maybelline Color Tattoo in the shade Bad to the bronze, I have used Maybelline’s brush for picking up the colour and then blended it on the eyes with my fingers.

Pic 4 – this is how my eye looked after applying the Maybelline bronze all over the lid till the crease.

PicMonkey Collage2

Step 5 – I then picked up the light yellow shade from the Tanjore Rush quad on an eyeshader brush and applied on the inner half of the eyelid.

Pic 6 – this is how the eye looks with the yellow on the inner part of the eye.

Step 7 – next, I picked up the green shade on the brush and applied on the remaining eyelid.

Pic 8 – this is after applying the green shade. I just put the colour on the eyelids in these steps, no blending.

PicMonkey Collage3

Step 9 – I picked up the copper/reddish shade on a blending brush and brushed it in the crease. I blended with light left-right sweeping of the brush in the crease. I also picked up some yellow on the blending brush and blended the boundary between the yellow and green on the eyelid. I did this very lightly so that the boundary doesn’t look harsh, the shades look well blended with each other.

Pic 10 – this is how the eye looks after the blending.

Step 11 – I applied a thin line of black liquid liner on the eyelid, kajal on waterline and mascara.

Pic 12 – And we’re doneee!!!! 😀

A few more pictures of the final look.

PicMonkey Collage4

 I used the following brushes –

PicMonkey Collage5

Maybelline brush that comes along with the Color Tattoo eyeshadows.

Bourjois eye shader and smudger double ended brush.

Colorbar blending brush.

And these are all the products used.


I know my eye makeup is quite amateur-ish and also the tutorial, but it’s my first and I hope I can do better next time 🙂  All suggestions for improvement are welcome!

27 thoughts on “Eye makeup tutorial using Lakme Tanjore Rush Quad | My First tutorial:)

  1. Good job! I love how blended the colors simply 🙂 when i do it, i’m like – swoosh,slash and blend everything 😀
    And also you have lovely lashes * jealous* 😛 And next time do put up a picture with closed eyes. I would love to see how exactly you blended it 😀 I need to learn it simply first before trying those hi-fi eotds 😀

    1. thankooo :*
      aww thanks dont be jealous!! 😀
      n ya definitely ill do that 🙂 even i’m at the simple level only abhi 😛

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