REVIEW,SWATCHES: Lakme Eyeconic Kajal.


Lakme eyeconic kajal.

According to Lakme,

The new Eyeconic Kajal by Lakmé is literally iconic as all you need is one sweep of kajal and it lasts for 10 hours. The product is waterproof, it doesn’t smudge and it is even safe for the eyes since it is dermatologist tested. The Eyeconic kajal and mascara by Lakmé forms the perfect combination in creating a look that is sure to get you noticed!  You can now transform your look from drab to fab with just a little kajal and a hint of some mascara.

Price: INR 199/-

Available at Lakme counters, most general stores, online stores.

My experience:

I had bought this kajal 2 months back but got around to using it regularly just since the last 2 weeks. And to be honest I did not have any expectations from this since it’s similar to Maybelline Colossal and I had never liked that one but I am in love with Eyeconic 😀

I have never really liked retractable/twist up pencils. I like the traditional sharpenable pencils mainly because they’re more hygienic and I can apply as much pressure on them without breaking unlike retractable pencils. Now Lakme eyeconic has changed my view, I guess my bad experiences with retractable pencils were just because I chose the wrong pencils in the past. But for me, they were always prone to breakage, tugged on my eye and became blunt after a few usages. Eyconic is none of these!


Talking about the packaging first, the kajal pencil comes in an outer carton of black and turquoise. The pencil itself is black with turquoise text. The pencil is very sleek and totally travel friendly. I really like the attractive design.


The kajal stick is in a retractable style as I’ve mentioned above too. It can be fully twisted back inside the pencil. These kindof pencils do not need sharpening. (Another reason I don’t like their breed, I prefer my pencils to be sharpened and the tip as sharp or blunt as I want). The initially pointed tip becomes blunt after a few uses. But by rubbing the pencil at a sort of 45 degree angle on the back of your hand slightly you can get a pointed tip again. Now this is where most of my pencils break. But Lakme eyeconic didn’t and as you can see in the picture below I have a good pointy tip to use:)


The texture of the kajal is soft but not so soft that it breaks at the slightest pressure. Due to my past experiences with such pencils which I have broken too often due to excess pressure, I apply the slightest pressure on this one and then build the intensity. It works great for me that way.

I have now developed a phobia of breaking pencils 🙁

The kajal goes on my waterline as well as eyelid easily and very smoothly without any tugging. I won’t say it’s the creamiest or softest pencil but it’s just enough soft. Actually it can’t be called creamy at all, its stiff in its own way and maybe that’s what makes it adhere to the waterline so well. The texture is such that it doesn’t irritate eyes at all! I wear contact lenses and my eyes are somewhat sensitive and this hasn’t irritated me ever. This also doesn’t transfer on my contacts. I can’t feel I’m wearing anything at all. I don’t know why, I am just in love with its texture!


I won’t say that it’s the darkest black I’ve used (MAC feline) but it is quite dark and well pigmented.


The kajal is definitely waterproof and smudgeproof as it claims to be. And its staying power is wonderful. I apply this in the morning around 8am and without any touch up I have decent amount of kajal even by 3pm, which for my eyes is a very big thing because my eyes are terribly watery. It fades evenly and doesn’t smudge under eyes at all. On the eyelid it stays till I remove it with an oil based remover.

I will definitely be repurchasing this when I finish this 🙂 it’s the first retractable pencil that has impressed me so much!

PicMonkey Collage

Overall, it’s a great inexpensive kajal. It’s absolutely great for school and college going girls and those who’re on a tight budget, no, actually it’s great for everyone! It’s black, soft and easy to use. It stays very well and is smudgeproof! Highly recommended by me!

Why you’ll like it:

1)     Budget friendly.

2)     Easily available.

3)     Attractive and convenient packaging.

4)     Soft texture.

5)     Very easy to apply on waterline and eyelid.

6)     Good pigmentation.

7)     Waterproof.

8)     Smudgeproof.

9)     Amazing staying power.

10)Safe for sensitive eyes.

Why you’ll dislike it:

1)     Retractable – not totally hygienic.

2)     Can break if pressure is applied.

To buy or not to buy?

Definitely buy!

My rating:


This pencil has changed my views about retractable pencils and I want to try more of these with a fresh mindset; I have also heard Maybelline has somewhat revised its Colossal kajal formula? Is it true? If yes I would love to try it again!

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  1. Iconic kajal realy 3rd class kajal i aplyd this kajal.itna jhut q dete h y log 10hrs tk rhega 1hr to tikta ni h.pura pesa brbad krdiya.bhrosa ht gaya lakme cmpny s ab;-(

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