REVIEW: The Body Shop Love Etc Solid Perfume.


The Body Shop Love Etc Solid Perfume.

According to The Body Shop’s website,

Our irresistible fragrance in a compact, portable solid perfume. Love Etc…™ is a heart-stopping fusion of jasmine, vanilla and sandalwood notes.

  • Lasting fragrance
  • Compact and portable

Price: INR 725 for 13g

Available at all TBS outlets.

My experience:

This is the first solid perfume I’ve ever used. I bought it way back in September. I don’t know what got stuck to its lidand dirtied it 🙁


All these months I have used this a lot and also abused it 😛 can u see the nail dent in the perfume? I seriously have no clue how that happened 😛


The idea of a solid perfume was very novel to me before this. But when I found out about it I was very curious and had to get it 😛 and I do not regret buying it at all!

The perfume comes in a tinyyy heart shaped tin container as you can see. It’s super cute and girly. In fact, I guess this can be a great gift from a guy to his girl!

I really love these type of tiny things and being heart shaped makes it even more appealing to me, plus the container is Pinkkkk <3

It’s very travel friendly and I love it mainly for travel purposes only. I love keeping this in my handbag to just apply whenever I like all the time. The only con with the packaging is that it sometimes gets a little difficult to open.


But it is so perfect that I can carry it anywhere I want and just smell nice all the time 😀

The perfume itself is of creamy texture. I apply a little of the product and spread it and it gets absorbed by the skin quickly.


The scent is mild and not over the top and that makes it great for daily casual wear in college for me. It’s floral with notes of vanilla. That’s all I can make out 😛 you know how bad I am at describing scents 😛 It’s not the overly sweet kindof scent, its mild and just lovely. But the scent is gorgeous, believe me! It’s very girly and nice 🙂

The scent lingers till around 3 hours maximum!! This is actually where it disappoints me 🙁 Although it’s really easy to reapply anytime you want but still, I wish it stayed longer.

I am glad I bought this as the idea of a solid perfume is great and I always have it in my handbag for emergencies or something. Frankly I do keep applying it to smell fresh all the time. So, it’s great that way and I won’t mind trying out other solid perfumes in the future.  

Overall, The Body Shop’s Solid perfume is very travel friendly and great for when you’re on the go! The Love Etc fragrance is very feminine and lovely. The fragrance doesn’t last long but it’s easy to reapply from the tiny tin.

Why you’ll like it:

1)     Attractive packaging.

2)     Lovely fragrance – so girly and nice 🙂

3)     Easy to use.

4)     Travel friendly.

5)     Very practical to carry in your handbag.

Why you’ll dislike it:

1)     Expensive.

2)     Sometimes a little difficult to open the tin.

3)     Poor staying power.

To buy or not to buy?

Buy. But it’s not a must buy product. 🙂

My rating:


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