REVIEW: Lakme Rose Powder – Soft Pink.


Lakme Rose Powder.

According to Lakme,

What is it

Foundation make-up in a powder format- gives a flawless radiant look

How it works

Contains rose fragrance to keep you fresh, contains sunscreen to protect from harmful UV rays. Gives a flawless radiant look.

Shades available

Soft Pink

Warm Pink



Price: INR 95 for 40g!!!!!!!!!!

Available at lakme counters, beauty stores, most online sites.

My experience:

I had bought this loose powder randomly, just to try it out for its cheap price and the fact that I had never tried a loose face powder. Read on to know how this powder fared with me!

I am neither very experienced nor very good at makeup, so I generally stay away from loose pigments, eyeshadows, powders etc. But I got this one just to experiment. At 95 bucks for 40grams of powder this is more than a bargain, in fact the quantity is so much, I doubt anyone can ever finish this!


The packaging is a simple maroon box. Inside the box there is a plastic lid with a sifter and an applicator puff. The lid can be opened and inside that is the powder.


The idea of the lid is to allow the powder to come on the lid through the holes in it by tapping the bottom of the box. If we directly try to pick the powder from below the lid, the puff/brush would pick too much and there are too many chances of the powder going waste. The lid prevents that.




I personally like the packaging and find it unique since I’ve never really used anything like this but the only con with the packaging is that the sifter only has 5 tiny holes which I feel do not do a great job in letting the powder come on the lid. I keep tapping the bottom and the powder doesn’t come on top only 🙁 So, generally what I do is I open the lid and put some of the powder on the lid using a brush or spatula and then use it.


The powder puff given with the powder is totally useless to me. Although it is very soft to touch and also has a handle to hold, it looks like it has been thoughtfully designed but I don’t like using it as I prefer a brush.

The powder has a very nice fragrance, I personally love it 🙂 It smells of rose water and I’m a huge fan of rose fragrances. But the scent is mild and fades away soon.


The powder itself has a pink tint to it. The powder is slightly chalky and needs good blending. At the same time, it’s very smooth to touch and feels almost satiny. On my face, it doesn’t give a completely matte look but like a semi-matte look with a light rosy look. It makes my face look healthy and nice. It doesn’t control oil too well, but then my face can get really oily in summers. With this, I need to touch up after 2 hours. It does even out my skin tone slightly but doesn’t give any kind of coverage. I think it is best as a final setting powder. I use it mostly on top of my BB creams for everyday use.

Another thing that I would like to mention is that it’s best not to layer this powder as it starts looking weird and kindof ashy. I only apply a thin layer with a powder brush and it looks best that way.




Another con is that only two shades are available in this and both have pink undertones but then I guess that’s there in the name itself – “Rose” powder. So, I feel everyone won’t find a match for their complexion with this powder, but since the powder is almost sheer it won’t make that much of a difference.

The powder has parabens in its ingredients but I feel it can’t hurt sensitive skin, I have used it when I had a slight breakout and it didn’t aggravate my skin or anything. Also, this powder has titanium dioxide so it offers sun protection but it’s not mentioned anywhere to what extent is the protection!

I wouldn’t say I love this powder but I do not hate it either. I am just not too comfortable with it being a loose powder. I prefer my pressed powders anytime. For me, loose powders get messy and take too much time to apply, I would never ever think of taking this out when in a hurry. I basically just use this when I have a lot of time to spare in my morning routine. But for those who like loose powders, they must try this as it is so affordable and does a good job.

I feel loose powders are not everyone’s cup of tea and if you just want to try one without spending a bomb then this is a great option.

Overall, it’s a good loose powder at the price! It’s great for school and college going girls as it gives a light matte finish to the face making it look rosy and healthy.

Why you’ll like it:

1)     Attractive packaging.

2)     Very budget friendly.

3)     Huge quantity!

4)     Given puff is soft.

5)     Very nice and lovely rose fragrance.

6)     Smooth texture.

7)     Gives a good finish to face.

8)     Gives a soft rosy glow.

9)     Contains sun protection.

Why you’ll dislike it:

1)     The sifter lid isn’t too effective.

2)     Slightly chalky.

3)     Doesn’t provide very good oil control.

4)     Contains parabens.

5)     Almost no coverage.

6)     Only 2 shades.

To buy or not to buy?

You would have found your answer by now if you read the review! 😀 A must try for those who like loose powders, also worth trying for those who don’t !

My rating:


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