Vellvette box review – March 2013.


Hello everyone 🙂

I know I’ve not been regular since some time, I was just lacking inspiration to post anything, if that makes any sense!

So, I’m back with the March Vellvette Box. I know I know, it’s April now but I just got my box today!

I had seen many other March boxes that fellow bloggers’ had got, and it was the first time that I wasn’t excited at all to receive mine. I say this because the stuff everyone was getting didn’t appeal to me at all! When Vellvette started their sampling program, they had such an amazing selection of products with L’occitane, Crabtree & Evelyn, FE, Clinique, BBW, VS, Clarins etc. The brands they’ve got this time(Remy Laure, Meiji) are so unknown to me that they don’t look like luxury products even if they may be! Plus the similarity of products in all boxes is another thing I dislike. At first it seemed okay when they had similar products in the Feb box as they wanted to keep up with the theme, but now it’s irritating. There are other subscriptions too getting popular nowadays like Enchantess which have improved their quality so much but I never subscribed to them as I used to think that Vellvette is the best and it’s quality would never degrade but now I’m thinking maybe I just said that too soon! I still have April’s box before I subscribe again so I have another chance for Vellvette to woo me all over again! Don’t break my trust guys, I love you a lot!!!

Another thing I am really disappointed with is how late they deliver the boxes now! I clearly remember in October I had got the box on 20th, so why is the delivery getting so late since the past few months! In January they had some confusion with my box n it was delivered to me on 2nd Feb and now I got a call from them on 1st April saying that I will get my box this week and I have to pay 1199… helloo!! I’ve already paid for 3 months in Feb! Again some confusion!

I’ve been one of their first customers and have been subscribing since September(their first month) without fail. I’ve also got 5 of my friends subscribe to Vellvette. I wrote quite a bashing mail to the Vellvette team on 30th March when I still hadn’t received my box, and I got a reply from Kaushik from the Vellvette team saying that they have been facing a lot of problems with the Delhi orders and are now starting an office in Delhi and from April, all problems would be resolved! They also mentioned that I’m one of their earliest customers which I was assuming they didn’t acknowledge but now I’m happy and really hope they get back to their former glory super soon 🙂


Anyway coming to my box, the box was wrapped in a pretty colourful ribbon celebrating Holi.

By now you must have assumed I am unhappy with the products I got this month, but in fact, I’m in a way content –


When I opened the box and saw the card, my face just fell with disappointment and then shock! Disappointment because I couldn’t spot anything good – the Lush cream sample is too small from what I’ve seen in other bloggers’ pictures so I didn’t want it and shock because of the purely pro blush! I already have one of those which I really like but still why would I want another one!

So well, when I opened the box I saw this –


Looks like Vellvette made a goof-up but yes this made me happy coz these are three things which I can see myself using for sure!!! 😀


NYX lip gloss in Strawberry. The star of the box for me! 🙂 the colour is gorgeous in the tube. Coral-pink with loads of shimmer – just the way I like my lip glosses. I don’t like very pigmented glosses as I don’t wear proper lip colours and I like them shimmery because they make my thin lips look fuller and pouty 😛


Nyassa Vanilla Dry fruit luxury bar – smells great and I haven’t used a soap in a long time but open to using them 🙂

PicMonkey Collage

Remy Laure Night Serum and Cleansing Foam – the samples are too tiny to form an opinion so not too keen on using these.


OPI nail paint – another one 😀 not bad 🙂

PicMonkey Collage2

And the one that everyone’s got Meiji Amino Collagen Skin Glow – although I am a non vegetarian(this has fish collagen) but I won’t be trying this at all – not interested in trying food supplements for beauty.


So all in all a fairly decent box for me – nothing exciting like previous boxes but thankfully not a complete waste for me as I’ve got 3 things I’ll be using so paisa wasool 😛


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