REVIEW: Lacto Calamine Deep Cleansing Face Wash.


Lacto Calamine Deep Cleansing Face Wash.

According to Lacto Calamine,

Lacto Calamine Deep cleansing face wash, enriched with fruit extracts, which helps keep skin clean, dirt free and fresh.



Price: INR64 for 70ml.

Available at

My experience:

I got this face wash free with Lacto Calamine lotion that my mom bought for herself. Earlier I wasn’t too keen on even trying out this face wash but once I started using it, I got totally hooked! Read on to know why!

The face wash comes in a simple pink and purple tube with a flip top cap. The packaging is simple and convenient to use. It’s also travel friendly as the cap shuts very well and there are no chances of leakage.



The face wash itself is a light purple coloured gel. It smells AMAZING! 🙂 it truly smells of raspberry as claimed by the product. I love the scent.



The gel lathers well and on applying to face it kindof forms a layer, I don’t know how to explain this, but it’s also kindof difficult to rinse off. It takes a lot of water to get washed away completely, which I don’t mind till it is doing its job well. And once rinsed off well, skin feels amazingly fresh. It cleans the face of all dirt, without drying the skin. My combination skin has never felt dry or stretchy when I use this. Skin feels soft and fresh after using this and that’s why for me it’s always a pleasure to use this. I feel it is gentle enough for sensitive skin types but don’t quote me on that!


It claims to have vitamin E and has glycerin in the ingredients; I guess that’s what retains softness in skin.

But I wouldn’t recommend it to dry skinned girls. It’s also mentioned on the tube that it’s for normal to oily skin. And it’s just great for oily skin 🙂

It has replaced my Himalaya face washes as my HG face wash!

Overall, it’s a fantastic face wash at a super affordable price. It’s gentle as well as does its job of cleaning the face well. It smells of raspberries 🙂 and is a treat to use and makes skin feel fresh and soft! Must try for oily-combination skinned girls!

Why you’ll like it:

1)     Simple, convenient and travel-friendly tube.

2)     Very affordable.

3)     Face wash smells awesome – of raspberries! 🙂

4)     Lathers well.

5)     Cleans face very well.

6)     Makes skin feel fresh and soft.

Why you’ll dislike it:

You won’t! 😀

To buy or not to buy?

 Definitely worth trying 🙂

My rating:


P.S. timed post for you all while I give an exam!

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  1. i just loved this as it made my skin so clear n glowing,, but now i m unable to get this product in my city,as it costs me much by ordering onli9,,,
    pls help..

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