My first lipstick(s) | I won another giveaway :D

Sheetal had this amazing giveaway on her blog going on. She announced the results on 20th Feb and I was really sooo surprised to see that I won it 🙂 It was the first giveaway I ever won 😛 And I am so happy 🙂

Thank youuuu Sheetal :*

And here is my prize –


My first MAC lipstick!!! 😀 I just received the courier and couldn’t wait to show it you all 😀

I was supposed to choose the shade myself and I chose See Sheer 🙂 It’s such a pretty coral shade! I’m loving it 🙂

And the sweet note Sheetal wrote(that I almost tore off without seeing in excitement :()


I’ve mentioned earlier too that I’ve never worn lipstick neither do I own any.

Most girls, when asked about their first time with makeup, talk about how they used their mom’s lipstick. But honestly, that never happened with me ever. My mom is not at all interested in makeup, for her lipsticks are almost a necessity as she just can’t leave home without having some lip colour. But that’s it. She only owns a handful of lipsticks which are all of similar colour family(maroon/brown). I was never tempted to try her lipsticks and I was always fascinated with eye makeup and maybe that’s why I’m 21 and still a virgin when it comes to lipsticks! I’ve worn sheer lip glosses, tinted lip balms but never a full opaque lip colour. So, when I won Sheetal’s giveaway I was supposed to choose either a MAC eyeshadow or a MAC lipstick. Where lipsticks are something I had never tried, eyeshadow is something I love using for occasions and I’m kindof satisfied with my small collection. A MAC e/s was not really on my wishlist(Don’t be so shocked!! What I mean is that given a chance, I would prefer a MAC eyeliner or face powder or blush but eyeshadow has never come up to in my MAC wish list*yet*) Had Sheetal kept the prize as an eyeliner, I always have a list ready 😛 so well I don’t know how or why I just decided I want a MAC lipstick. So I began looking for swatches, on IMBB and IndianVanityCase which have the maximum MAC lip swatches, I selected a few shades and then looked up more reviews for those. I zeroed in on See Sheer, which looked just too pretty to me. I kept falling more and more in love with See Sheer as I kept thinking about receiving it. And I was so scared it might be out of stock or something when Sheetal goes to buy it L but finally she got it and couriered it. But wait! In this whole time, when I decided on the lipstick and before I received it – I went crazy for lip colours. Yes, you read it right!

I first bought the Revlon kissable balm stain in Sweetheart which was too loud for me and I’ve not yet worn it outside of my room 😛 but I love it nevertheless. Then came a few opaque glosses, then another Revlon stain in Honey which I must tell you made me feel how was I living without this colourful world till now!!!! I thought of purchasing a lipstick but I decided to wait for the Mac one as it would be a special feeling to have my first lipstick to be from MAC 😀 every girl’s dream, no? 😀 but last week I couldn’t resist myself and bought these two Maybelline Colorsensational lipsticks. I fell in love with Fruit Punch when the SA swatched it on my hand, I couldn’t imagine myself wearing this bright pink shade but I just bought it and so glad I did because it’s a gorgeous shade and is definitely making me look so pretty *blush blush*. 🙂 I still wear only a very thin layer but well, that’s how we grow, don’t we? 🙂 next, I bought Totally Toffee, I already own the corresponding lip gloss of this one and love it so this seemed a safe option.


So, these are my first lipsticks 🙂 and this is “my first lipstick” story 😀

I can’t wait to buy more lip colours, I also want a Revlon lip butter soon 😀 (Have you seen Peach parfait, its sooo pretty :P)  now, I finally know why all the girls go ga-ga over lipsticks 😛 these days my lip wishlist is growing and the eye wishlist is lying forgotten 😛


I really appreciate people who read such long posts of mine 😛 Thank you and I love you all :*

Which was your first lipstick? Any recommendations for a lipstick beginner like me? 😀

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