REVIEW: Sephora smoothing body scrub – Strawberry.


Sephora Smoothing Body Scrub.

According to Sephora,

What it is:
An exfoliating cleanser that leaves skin delightfully soft and scented.

What it does:
Turn exfoliation into a truly enjoyable moment with this ultra-luxurious body scrub. The irresistible formula gently cleanses, while effectively removing impurities for skin that looks and feels satiny smooth. Indulge daily and revel in the delicate scents. The colorful packaging will brighten your shower and your mood.

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
– Parabens

What else you need to know:
This cleanser has been tested by a dermatologist and the gentle formula suits all skin types.

Research results:
According to a test conducted with 60 women:
– 90% had velvety-soft skin after using the product
– 92% had purified skin after use



Price: INR480 for 140ml.

Available at Sephora.

My experience:

I bought this on my last visit to Sephora that I showed you here.

I loveeee trying new body washes and scrubs and that’s why currently my bathroom shelf no longer has space for anything new 🙁 and my parents have banned me from buying any new bath stuff!!! So, I am now going to quickly finish all the existing stuff and then move to new stuff 😀 this scrub is still new but it’s already half over as I’ve been using this very often and neglecting other stuff these days.

Sephora’s bath and body products are kept in a shelf near the entrance of the store and let me tell you it’s such a colourful counter, it’s impossible to resist yourself 😛 This scrub is available in a lot of variants like vanilla, chocolate, blueberry, caramel, coconut, mango, lemon, lagoon… I don’t know about all of them. When I bought it, I wanted a fresh fruity scent and Strawberry was the best. Sephora also has corresponding body washes and body lotions in all flavours. Out of so many variants, everyone is bound to find one they like.

Another reason for picking up strawberry would be that I have been lusting after the TBS strawberry body polish since a long time but don’t know why never got around to buying it somehow. I don’t know if the two are similar, I can compare them once I’ve used the TBS one also.

The Sephora smoothing body scrub comes in a long inverted tube which is very easy to use and hygienic as compared to tub packaging. The tube has a black flip top cap which dispenses the scrub easily. Though I haven’t yet travelled with it, I don’t really find the tube safe for travelling as I feel the cap can easily open and the product can leak.


The scrub is a pinkish-red gel. Its consistency is quite liquidy/runny. It is full of exfoliating particles which are fine and not at all harsh on skin and do their job well. I find that the scrub is mild enough that it can be used almost daily.


It is easy to rinse off and doesn’t feel slimy or anything on the skin. On rinsing off, my skin feel soft, smooth and pampered 😛  The scrub doesn’t dry out the skin at all. It gives a very fresh and clean feeling to me after my bath.


This particular variant – Strawberry has a delicious strawberry scent which is fresh and fruity, a littleee artificial but nothing to dislike. My only complaint would be that the scent vanishes almost completely after the bath. 🙁

The body scrub is slightly expensive and I find this to be more of a ‘splurge’ than a ‘need’ product.

Overall, the Sephora smoothing body scrub is a good scrub, but not the best(the best for me being the S&G scrub ). It has a wonderful strawberry scent and also available in a lot of other variants. It cleans and exfoliates very well. It doesn’t leave the skin dry and makes it feel soft and smooth. Its availability and price are the only cons.

Why you’ll like it:

1)     Easy to use and hygienic packaging.

2)     Many scents available.

3)     Amazing scent.

4)     Exfoliates and cleans well.

5)     Leaves skin soft and fresh.

6)     Doesn’t dry out skin.

Why you’ll dislike it:

1)     Available only at Sephora.

2)     Expensive.

3)     Scent doesn’t linger.

To buy or not to buy?


My rating:


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