REVIEW: The Body Shop Olive Body Scrub


The Body Shop Olive Body Scrub

According to The Body Shop,

This exfoliating body scrub with organic olive oil is perfect for normal to dry skins. It leaves skin soft and smooth.

  • Stimulates skin microcirculation
  • Leaves skin feeling soft and smooth
  • Neutral olive scent



Price: INR 995 for 200ml.


Available at The Body Shop stores.

My experience:

This scrub has the spotlight in my bathroom shelf these days. It’s being used VERY often. You all know my love for The Body Shop and getting amazing goodies by one of my favouritteee brands was surely a delight. This is one of the goodies I got when I attended their Earth Day event, you can read more about that here.

The body shop olive scrub comes in a plastic tub with a green cap with olives made on it. The tub is transparent. The tub is sturdy and travel friendly. But it’s not so hygienic; I use a plastic spoon to take out the scrub from it.


The texture of the scrub is quite thick and creamy and the exfoliating granules are clearly visible. The scrub is of light greenish colour. The scrub isn’t harsh and is very easy to use. It gets spread on damp skin easily and doesn’t fall out or anything while using.


When I scrub my skin with this, I can actually feel it working on my rough skin. I loveee using this and my skin definitely thanks me after taking a bath with this luxurious product.

I would also like to mention something I noticed since I started using this. I have some ingrown hair near my elbows and knees and since I’ve started using the scrub, the ingrown hair have reduced to almost nil. Yayyyy to the scrub’s exfoliation 😀

After rinsing off, skin feels very soft and smooth. I feel that since my skin isn’t dry in summers, and the scrub itself is quite creamy; I generally don’t need a moisturizer after I use this. I guess since it contains olive oil, it’s not drying at all.  I also find that the oil in the scrub gives something of a shine to skin 🙂 or maybe it’s because the oils stay back in the skin but whatever it is, this scrub is doing a lot of good to my skin 😀


The creamy-ness of the scrub also adds to feel-good factor while using it.

This particular scent, Olive, is a very clean and fresh scent but very mild. I don’t find it smelling like the olives I’ve ever smelt in life(on pizzas:P). It’s very different from any other scent that I’ve sniffed at. To be honest, I have never sniffed this scent during my infinite trips to The Body Shop as I was never interested in Olive. I would never have tried it either as Olive never attracted me but I’m very glad to have received as I now love the scent. It’s so calming and very very fresh and subtle. The scent doesn’t really linger on after the bath.  🙁

But I think this scent is not one which would be liked by all. So in that case you can try other variants by TBS.

I now love this as much as my S&G scrub 🙂 which is actually better for winters as it’s much more moisturizing than this. This TBS scrub can safely be used all year round by normal-dry skin people.

I had heard a lot about TBS scrubs and really, you need to use them to believe how awesome this stuff actually is! It just feels so luxurious! After trying this, it feels like I can’t live without a TBS body scrub in my life 😀

Overall, TBS body scrub is luxurious product. It smells great and does its job amazingly well. Makes skin very very smooth and soft but it is quite expensive. I totally love the scrub and would definitely purchase it in future in more flavours.

Why you’ll like it:

1)     Sturdy and travel friendly packaging.

2)     Very fresh scent.

3)     Exfoliates excellently.

4)     Makes skin soft and smooth.

5)     Doesn’t feel harsh on skin.

6)     Has moisturizing properties as it has olive oil.

7)     Feels luxurious.

Why you’ll dislike it:

1)     Tub packaging can get unhygienic.

2)     Scent may not be liked by all.

3)     Scent doesn’t linger for long.

4)     Very expensive.

To buy or not to buy?

Definitely buy!

My rating:

9/10(only for being so expensive)

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  1. I just got this 🙂 I’ve always used the sugary lemon one from body shop and I liked it, even though it’s quite rough, I went through a number of those, but my skin is less dry now, thanks to it! This time I decided to go for something different, softer and with a different scent, and from your review, I think this was a good choice for me 🙂

    Great Review! Really helpful 🙂 I’m gonna follow – glad I found your blog!

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