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Hello everyone 🙂

How’s the week going? My week started off with a haul, coming up in the next post 😀

I just got to know about the new launches on and  I was too excited to “not share” this with you 😀

P.S. I haven’t been asked by or being paid for this post!



Untitled is now stocking a few Avon and Oriflame products. I couldn’t spot any cosmetics in the Oriflame section but it’s a start I guess:P

Okay, more important than Avon and Oriflame, they now have stuff by Organix!!!!

Which means the raved about Moroccan oil and Macadamia oil hair masks are now available there! I’m so excited 😀 I’ve read a lot about these and really wanted to try them but I am not aware if they’re sold anywhere else in Delhi atleast. Even if they are, I’m really not aware of it and hence my excitement 😀 seriously I’ve just seen these and really excited, so sorry if these aren’t new to you all 😀

For someone like me who has terribly dry hair, these would be great, right? *ordering one right now*


But I’m confused which one to order, won’t order both at once ofcourse!

Any suggestions guys? Have you used these hair masks?

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